Why I started this project

I think the most asked question I get is “What made you start this?!”

Welp, to be honest, my summer of 2012 was spent in bed. To say I had a breakup that devastated me would be an understatement. I couldn’t move. Three months of misery, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Adele on repeat, no dancing/fun/joy/happiness, and trash cans full of snot-crusted, sobbed-in kleenexes will really start to bring a person down!

During one of my conversations (blubbering sessions??) with my dad, he told me that my self-confidence was shot. I had to get it back. I had to lean on my friends. I had to talkaboutit, for chrissakes!!! In short, I needed to figure myself out, and stand on my own two feet again.

At the end of August, I brought a glass of wine and a crossword puzzle down to the end of our pier at sunset. I had never done this before, but I love wine, I love crossword puzzles, and I love my beach at sunset. I sat there for an hour, finished the wine and crossword, and thought to myself “This was so nice. I want to feel like this forever. Why have I never done this before?”

It dawned on me that there were probably lots of things that I’ve never done before. I had one more month before I started my next job, so why not ‘feel like this forever,’ –or at least for 30 days?! So for the entire month of September, I tried one new thing every day.

This was the best thing that I could have done for myself. I had forgotten how spontaneous and fun and silly and ridiculous I can be, and this project really helped me to remember these qualities about myself.

Over the original 30 day project, I got lots of messages from facebook friends telling me that I should start a blog. I felt like I wasn’t original enough to have a blog…there are SO MANY OTHER blogs out there of people who have done these projects (many of whom gave me great ideas!). Besides this, one of the reasons that this was able to work was because I had no commitments–no job, kids, house, blah blah blah. When I went back to work, I wouldn’t be able to devote all that time to the project.

But then one of my friends had a great idea. Why not start a blog and keep the project going, but only post once a week? This was a perfect idea (thanks, Karla!) If doing something new for 30 days straight made me feel so wonderful, why would I ever stop?

I now do at least one new thing a week. I usually try to do something that pushes my boundaries, although you might not guess it. I’m naturally an introvert, and am a bit on the shy side. Pushing or testing rules, potentially getting into trouble, and drawing attention to myself are not my M.O., but life is so much fun when you dig in, get uncomfortable, and try new things, isn’t it??!

So here I am. I’m back to my spontaneous, fun, silly, ridiculous self. And I’ll keep being my spontaneous, fun, silly, ridiculous self in the future.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by! I hope some of my ridiculous ideas might inspire you to try something new….trust me, you’ll feel amazing!


3 Responses to Why I started this project

  1. Kerry Molloy says:

    I love this Caitlin! Maybe I will try this at some point!


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