I dubbed over a Star Trek movie trailer!

My original plans for this week’s post fell through thanks to WinterWeather2015 part 94324532 dumping another few inches of lovely snow on us yesterday.  Hopefully that plan will happen sometime in the coming weeks.

So I asked Dante to help me brainstorm good ideas for the blog and he came up with this one, which immediately made me yell YAS YAS YASSSSS!!!!

I figured it would be funnier to dub over a clip that I had never seen before and had no clue what was happening in it. At first, I picked a fight scene in the Batman movie with Bain, but then I made the mistake of watching it so I had to rethink that idea.

I then remembered how I know absolutely nothing about Star Trek, and wondered what it would be like to dub over a trailer for it. THIS, friends, was the perfect choice. Prepare to be amazed over my absolute zero knowledge (besides knowing the name Spock) of all things Star Trek (also, apologies to Jennifer Morrison for confusing her with Kirsten Dunst):

We had to reverse the image because of copyright concerns (although it is kinda cool to see things backwards!!)

Other notable firsts:

* I had never been to Three Rivers before. I had another informational interview with a woman who worked there about more careers to look into at the college level. I was introduced to her by her sister who works at Conn College and was the first informational interview that I went on back in December. This sister was the 60-year old version of myself. It was pretty wild to see what I could be like in 30 years!!!

* I had never seen a video that Dante posted of me on my birthday on instagram talking about one of the books that I was currently reading. I laughed really hard!!!

* I had never forgotten to put my e-brake on and then gotten out of the car. Whoops. Luckily, a snow bank stopped it after 3 inches of rolling. That would have REALLY sucked if the snow wasn’t there!

* I had never heard of the blog 1000 Awesome Things before. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a TED talk by Neil Pasricha. The talk was included in a list of talks having to do with what to do with your life upon graduation (listen, I’ve had so many graduations that you’d think I’d know the answer to this now….). His life sounded so similar to mine, so I checked out his site and then wrote him an e-mail to thank him for the talk and letting him know how nice it is to see you’re not alone in your views on the world. He was super nice and replied back and even stopped by this blog. Sometimes life is just awesome.

* I had never helped a friend out with student loan information before. It felt good to give her all of the info that I’ve accrued over the past few months. All the tears were worth it to help someone else out!!

* I had never done hot yoga before. I did Bykram yoga when I was in Hawaii, which is a specific set of moves done at a specific temperature. But hot yoga is just any style of yoga done in a hot temperature. It was my first time practicing yoga in like 4 years, and I might have come close to falling over about 5 times, and may or may not have kicked my instructor while attempting a tripod, but it was pretty fun!!

* I had never been hired to write for a website before!! I landed a small contractor-writing job that will help bring in a few extra $$. I also now get to use all of my masters degrees. Exciting, no?! Check out my first article!


* I had never taught Dante how to make sushi before! We made it for our snowed-in Valentine’s Day dinner extravaganza 🙂


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I used a snow blower!

Yes, I have lived in New England for my entire life (except for four years spent in Hawaii).

No, I had never used a snow blower until last week.

How was this possible?!! Continue reading

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I listened to a Joni Mitchell album!

Last weekend I watched Sia perform on SNL and was curious about her back story. Turns out that, like me, she has crushing performance anxiety and wears that headband over her eyes and faces away from the audience to just focus on getting through the performance (I mean, I’ve never worn a headband over my eyes, but maybe I should have tried that?!!) Continue reading

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I made a collage out of my rejection letters!

An old co-worker, Meaghan, recently posted this quote to her facebook wall:

To change habits of the mind: we must speak and act in accordance to that which we want to align….not to that which is currently present. This is what can make it so challenging. Our habit pattern, our MO, our tendency is going to feel natural and normal…but may not be how we WANT to be. This is why it is 1- a practice and 2- must be done consciously until how we wish to be becomes normal and natural.

It perfectly sums up my belief that anybody, with self-discipline and plenty of will power, can truly change anything that they want to about themselves. Continue reading

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I ran up the “Rocky Stairs”!

Another new years is in the books, folks! And just like the last few years, I spent it in Philly where lots of Laurel love was passed around.

This year, Rachel and Dante were able to join us for the festivities, where we did the ACTUAL new years at Lauren and Toby’s house and then the following day in the actual city. Everything was amazing and awesome! Continue reading

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I used photo booth!

Winners from last week’s drawing can be found at the bottom of the page!

Yes friends, I was very lucky and fortunate to be able to join the rest of civilization and receive a Mac device with photo booth!! It may not be an exciting first for many of you, but it sure was fun for me!!! Continue reading

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I learned how to tie a bow-tie!

Winners from last week’s drawing will be announced at the bottom of this page!

I first learned how to tie a tie when I was in high school. I remember joining Jazz II in my sophomore year and feeling a strange happiness when I realized I’d have to now buy and wear a tie for concerts. I found an awesome tie with a dalmation wearing a fire hat on it, and learned how to tie it from my dad. I never had to learn how to tie a bow-tie, however, since we just wore basic clip-ons for Wind Ensemble and Concert Band. Continue reading

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