I made a quilt-ket!

What’s a quilket, you ask?! Why, it’s a combo blanket-quilt….duhhhhhh!!!! I definitely did not mean to make this. It just sort of….ended up this way.

So back when Dante and I moved in together, there were boxes of clothes for days. Not my clothes….his! The man has more clothes than I have owned in my entire life. We literally had to buy another dresser…FOR HIS WORKOUT CLOTHES.

Anywho, after we had unpacked most things, a box of t-shirts remained. I asked if he was going to unpack them. “No,” he replied…”they don’t fit anymore.”

“Oh! So I can throw them out, then!” I responded.

“No way! Those are my childhood t-shirts!”

That’s right….my love is a pack rat. Duh duh duhhhhhhh…..

That’s when I remembered that I have a skill set that rarely comes into play in my life….I CAN SEW!!!!! ( surprIIIIIIIISE!!!!). I took sewing lessons from 5th to 8th grade. I was known for my wavy hemlines….I just couldn’t keep my attention focused long enough to create a straight line! It also made me, like, the COOLEST person in middle school (psyyyyyych).

After Dante showed his true colors, I asked him if I could make him a quilt out of his t-shirts. He said sure, and then forgot (I was betting on this part….)

I started cutting out the t-shirts over Thanksgiving break and laying them out. This was my original plan:


Luckily, this plan worked out….buuuutttttt not how I planned it. When I talked to quilting experts (aka Kristen and Uncle Virge), they explained that quilting was when there are three layers: the pattern on top, batting in the middle, and backing on the bottom. Then you quilt it…you sew all three layers together.

When I actually started sewing the tshirts together, though, I had NO IDEA what I was going to do for the other layers. But, like most things in life, when you have no clue what you’re doing, this can sometimes lead to great things! I decided to make two blankets, each with sewn-together t-shirts sewn ON them. Then, I’d sew the two blankets together and make one blanket!!

It took a few days…a lot of pins…aaaaand a lot of alcohol. But I finished it a few days before Christmas and he was so happy to open it.

Here’s the finished front:


And the finished back:


The blanket is the warmest one in the house and I might use it more than he does. Whoops! (Sorry not sorry)

Other notable firsts:

* I had never created a Christmas card. I failed miserably at sending them out….We only sent out half the batch! It had a few pictures on it, but this was definitely the best one:


* We’ve never had a mouse problem. I’m not sure if I could function knowing we used the kill-traps, so Dante agreed to getting this awesome no-kill one:


So far we have caught 11. However, we realized after the third batch that you have to release mice over a mile from your house because they have a crazy drive to find where they came from! So now I’ve started dropping them at the rest stop in Madison on my way to work.

* I’ve never seen jellyfish on a menu before. I was going to order it, but then the waiter came and I FORGOT!!!!

* I’ve never been to a fencing match before. Dante decided to become assistant coach of his school’s fencing team, so I checked out his match last weekend. I got two videos, but (surprise!) my phone won’t upload them to YouTube. For now, check out the only picture that I captured:


There were three different types of swords and rules: epee, foil, and saber. Uhhhhh….honestly, I couldn’t tell you how each one was different. But it was really fun to watch!!!

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