I drove a corvette!

My friend Anne has been lovingly re-named “Hurricane Anne” by my parents for the way she seems to blow into town aaaaaaaand then right back out of town. But her visits, though brief and short, are always jam-packed with fun, ridiculousness, smart discussions, aaaand usually a fair amount of alcohol.

We met in Hawaii, when I was there for my first round of grad school and she was stationed there while in the Coast Guard. Within the first couple of weeks, she had squeezed me in her yellow corvette and given me a tour of the whole island that included a polo match on the north shore and ended at another coastie’s house (they owned the cutest pet rabbit!!)

Here were pictures from that day/night:


Fast forward 8 years, crazy road trips with farm animals, 3 masters degrees, a law degree, a Fulbright Scholarship, and a few thousand miles, and that’s where we are today.

Anne, being one of the smartest people that I know, has won a Fulbright that puts her in East Timor for a year. Since Dante and I now have a cool garage (we’re, like, hardcore adulting!), somehow we got super lucky and are keeping this beauty (along with her more demure Hyundai Sonata) for a whole year!

I decided to take it for a spin on Friday to my parent’s house, where I was staying overnight. (Meaning I’d HAVE to drive it back on Saturday!) so I hopted in the car (now TEAL!) and brought it for a spin!img_0275

It was certainly different than anything else I have ever driven! There is no power steering, so it was a bit of a wrestling match every time I needed to turn.

But there was no feeling to describe how cool it was to be in the exact same car that I once rode in around Oahu. Or how it made me smile and think of Anne and hope that she is happy. Or to hear Adele singing her heart out of a radio that was made in 1976.

Im a pretty lucky gal to be able to have this experience for the next few months! And an even luckier one to have such a cool/smart/crazy/amazing friend to make it all happen. 🙂

Other notable firsts:

* I had never written a script before! Now I need to write two more for this year’s Family Concerts!!

* I had never worn jeggings before. I bought them from the Loft and they are my most favorite pants I’ve ever owned in my life!

* I had never met Kayleigh and Brett before. Dante was Brett’s Best Man at our last wedding of 2016. They were so wonderful and planned a beautiful San Diego wedding!

* Subsequently, I’ve never been broke after a wedding season! Lots of weddings this season in lots of far off places. Congrats to all our wonderful friends!!!!!


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