We started a Podcast!

Today is a big day! It’s my thirty-dos birthday (I’m not turning thirty-two….I’m turning thirty-dos….), it’s my friend Amber’s rehearsal dinner (she and Steve are getting married tomorrow and I’m once again regaining the beloved title of ‘bridesmaid’), and my super -de-duper co-worker, Katie, and I are releasing our baby that we have been working on for a year now….a podcast called Listen Up!

When we first started working together last year, we were sitting in Katie’s office (as we frequently do!) and talking about our favorite subject….getting people to appreciate Classical music. I think it was Katie who mentioned the idea for the podcast and I told her about the class that I taught at two colleges in Hawaii. The class as a whole was a survey of western classical music, from the Medieval period to the turn of the century. But the first five weeks was an introduction to music’s basic building blocks, like melody and rhythm and harmony. Why not make a podcast that explains the building blocks of music?

We teamed up with the radio station at University of New Haven, which is run by former radio talk host and now NPR reporter Bruce Barber (who is an AMAZING human being). He put us together with a sophomore named Nelson who wants to produce things on the radio for a career! So we get a podcast that helps people learn about music, Nelson gets hands-on experience in his future career, and the radio station gets great exposure! It’s literally a triple-win!

I was pretty adamant about NOT using solely classical music in the examples, and Katie was right on the same page as me. I’m always struck by how many people think they know nothing about classical music….building blocks are building blocks, no matter the music’s genre classification. Rock music has melodies, just like jazz, and just like classical. I love telling people “YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT CLASSICAL MUSIC THAN YOU THINK!!” So the whole goal of the podcast is to re-introduce you to music’s building blocks, but using music that you listen to everyday, with a smattering of classical thrown in.

We released the first episode, focusing on melody, as well as a short introduction to the series today. Going forward, we will release a new episode every other Thursday.

Take a listen! Let me know what you think!:

Click HERE to listen!!


Other notable firsts:

* I had never ordered shoes from Overstock.com before…..I like the way they look!!! Let’s see how long they last on my feet!

* I had never ordered jeggings. Listen, I’m of the firm belief that one shouldn’t wear spandex above the age of 4. But I’m willing to give these a try. Loft had a deal for no shipping costs and 50% off everything. They’re arriving. Watch for the headline: “Woman takes out clown by using jeggings as slingshot”…..

* I had never had the chance to use my new purse holder!!! Jenn gave me this one after I saw her amazing one. It fits right inside my purse!!!! Bestest thing ever!!!


* I Had never heard Chuck Loring speak about board responsibilities before. This man makes a living off of consulting and building the relationship between staff and board. A genius!! I also enjoyed his use of transparent duties (teehee):


* I have never lived without this man:


Ben was my father’s oldest friend – they met when Dad was 5. 64 years of an amazing friendship that never got old. I will miss him very much.


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