I read the whole Harry Potter series! (Uhhh, and went to St. Thomas)

Whoops! So I know that I was going to post once a month, buuuuut then I saw something shiny. SOWWIES!

Anywho, there’s a lot to catch up on!

I’m not sure why I never read Harry Potter as the books came out. Most of my friends read them, or at least watched the movies. At Laurel this year, we remembered how when “Order of the Phoenix” came out, it was the quietest year of camp…everyone was reading!

Well, it was at Laurel when one of my campers handed me the first book during a rest hour. I was doing bunk checks when I noticed one of the girls reading “Jurassic Park.” I asked her if the book was good so far, and she replied that she had read it before. She had brought that book and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” with the thought of re-reading one of them during camp. I told her that I had never read any of the Harry Potter books, and she gave me the face that EVERYONE else has given me over the years when I tell them that I haven’t read the books. And she said, “You HAVE to read them.”

I love my campers, and I try and do anything I can for them. She said it so emphatically that I said I’d give it a try and tell her all about it.

I brought the book back to my tent and within five pages was SUCKED in to the world of Harry Potter!

I Finished that first book by the next morning and had to wait another week before getting my next fix! Luckily, I have an amazing co-worker named Katie whose husband was willing to share his original texts with me, one book at a time! It was like my personal Harry Potter library!!

My my favorite book was the sixth, “The Half Blood Prince.” I love back stories and knowing why people are the way they are. And that’s all that this book was! I also liked the third and the seventh. I did NOT like the fourth, “Goblet of Fire,” although I certainly realize the importance of it in the series.

I’m very sad that the series is over and that I don’t get to hang out with my new friends anymore, but I suppose that I can always watch the movies when I really need another fix.

The Pottermore website was just started, so that should help me out! It sorted me into Ravenclaw, which is pretty obvious, but it also sorted me into their new American version of Hogwarts…this one also has houses, but are based on mind, body, spirit, etc. I was sorted into the Thunderbird house, which represents the soul. I think it makes me sound braver than I really am.

Other notable firsts:

* I’ve never lived in Clinton before! Quite possibly my favorite apartment I’ve ever lived in!!! Huge back and front yards, humongous windows, a garage, and a DINING ROOM! I feel like  such an adult 🙂


* I had never taken the StrengthsFinder test before. My top 5 strengths are (in order): intellection, learning, connecting, context, and positivity. I don’t think that I had ever realized the connecting strength before, but now I’m seeing it every where I turn! Also, there are cool little videos that describe your strengths. Here’s one on my top strength, intellection:


* I had never been to St. Thomas before! One of Dante’s best friends growing up is named James, who also now works at Old Saybrook Middle School (best internship everrrr). His now-wife, Erin, grew up going to St. Thomas multiple times a year…her dad had fallen in love with the island a while ago and bought a condo so that they could go down whenever they wanted. I Had never been to any of the Virgin Islands before, but now I know how beautiful they are!!! 🙂

We were very excited to get off the plane:


And Erin and James looked like models:


* I had never learnd so much about the Marvel universe before…I have now watched Jessica Jones and am a few episodes in to the second season of Daredevil. Electra just showed up and I don’t know what that means!

* I had never had a banh mi sandwich before. Delicious! (Faux meat, of course!

* I had never learned the set dance Three Sea Captains before! I love the version that I learned!

* I had never been on stage with the NHSO before. I got to go on stage with a blow up shark when we played “Jaws” during our John Williams concert in June. So much fun!!

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