I started dancing with the Mulkerin School of Irish Dance!


Listen, I know in my last post that I said that I’d be back soon. I unintentionally lied…can you ever forgive me??!  I had so many things that I had to work out that I was completely overwhelmed. I’ve recently realized how much I miss the fun that comes from doing something new and the paths that all those new things open up for you. So I’m ready to recommit myself to this blog again….albeit on a monthly basis now. And I think a leap day is a great way to post on the last day of the month!! So let’s get to it!

I danced with the Gray school of Irish Dance for about three months when I first moved back from Hawaii. It was LOVELY, but I ended up running out of both money and time when I was in my Education program. Fast forward a few years, and suddenly I have the evening time and cash to start up one of my favorite pastimes again!!

I found the Mulkerin School because they have an adult class, which is really important to me. The friendships that I made in Hawaii through our branch of An Daire were AMAAAAZING. we celebrated birthdays and fun times together all year, not just St. Pats (which was pretty vibrant in Honolulu!!)


It also happens that my boss’s daughter also dances at the same school, and she had wonderful things to say.

I started my first class at the beginning of February and loved it. I was the fifth Caitlin in the class, all spelled the same way, and the ladies that I’m dancing with are hilarious. We learn both steps and ceili dancing. Their school steps are a bit more traditional than the ones that I learned in Hono, but it’s all good and you won’t hear any complaints from me!

I don’t think my arch has suffered toooo much, but I’m looking forward to getting it back into shape!


Other notable firsts:

  • I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My job is amazing. All of it.
  • I’ve never lived in Branford! I moved into a house share in December so that I could be closer to New Haven. I can’t beat the commute time!
  • I’ve never eaten so much New Haven food. I can’t even.
  • I’ve never had dental insurance before! (CRAPSKIES, I should probably start using it….)
  • I had never stayed in Storrs, CT after watching a UCONN basketball game!
  • I had never felt so old after getting cut in line by 19-year olds trying to get into a UCONN bar. I was so mad at them!!!! Grandma wanted to SIT!!!!!



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