I listened to a Joni Mitchell album!

Last weekend I watched Sia perform on SNL and was curious about her back story. Turns out that, like me, she has crushing performance anxiety and wears that headband over her eyes and faces away from the audience to just focus on getting through the performance (I mean, I’ve never worn a headband over my eyes, but maybe I should have tried that?!!)

I wanted to hear more of her stuff, so I downloaded the Spotify app (never used that before!!) and listened to a few songs.

Then it hit me that I haven’t listened to enough music lately. I can’t remember the last time that I listened to a whole album. Furthermore, I don’t remember the last album that I listened to by a female artist….my guess is Norah Jones? I get really into male, guitar-playing, singer-songwriters with raspy voices and then lose all vision of anyone else.

So, I asked myself, who is a famous female singer-songwriter? And the first person that popped into my mind was Joni Mitchell. And I realized just how little I have listened to her…I could name two songs (actually I could remember one song, but remembered the other’s melody).

As I scrolled through her album selection that is featured on Spotify, I had no idea where to begin. One caught my eye – Mingus, recorded in 1978-1979. It spotlights Charles Mingus (probs my favorite jazz artist…I was introduced to him in high school and fell in love with his stuff then), and was released just after his death. I chose that one to listen to, hoping to be mesmerized by their collaboration.

Well, friends…it did not disappoint!

I got to hear some amazing tracks. The words “God must be a boogie man…” from that song immdiately turned into an earworm stuck in my head for DAYS!


My cheeks HURT from smiling through “The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines,” (on which you can hear Mingus AND Jaco Pasatorius heavily!) Her vocal agility was ridiculous on this track!!


I was struck by how she could sing in this low, husky voice that betrayed heartache and wisdom, and then morph into this sweet-sounding, innocent jazz songbird. She’s amazing. I can’t wait to discover more of her!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never read this article, posted by a few friends on Facebook:


It details Bjork’s new album, and how so many journalists will give her co-producers credit when she does most of the work. I know that this is the biggest point that many readers took away from this, but I was more struck by her recognition of women being the “glue” in many relationships, whether it be among friends or within family structures. It is a thankless job, but an important one.

* I had never gotten my mailbox down to 0. I started deleting unread emails fifty at a time a few days ago. I deleted 1300 unread emails in a matter of days. Woo hoo! To celebrate, I captured a screen shot (also never done on an iPad before!):


* I had never heard of a paraprosdokian before! They’re silly!

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