I ran up the “Rocky Stairs”!

Another new years is in the books, folks! And just like the last few years, I spent it in Philly where lots of Laurel love was passed around.

This year, Rachel and Dante were able to join us for the festivities, where we did the ACTUAL new years at Lauren and Toby’s house and then the following day in the actual city. Everything was amazing and awesome!

Right before we left to drive back, Andy dropped us off at the Franklin Institute of Art, which I’m pretty sure everyone knows as “The Rocky Stairs.”

blog philly

I challenged Rachel and Dante to a race up the stairs, which was a poor choice as I figured I would lose. Aaaaaaand, I did not disappoint!! Rachel was a genius and took the stairs 2 at a time (she’s also a pretty awesome runner, so I knew I was screwed from the get-go!) I also got stopped by a homeless man about half way up the stairs and slowed down to answer him. (Unfortunately I had no cash on me, AND I was in the middle of a footrace).

Check out Philly whenever you get a chance…it’s awesome!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never eaten at Osteria before. The restaurant is in the Vetri family (the company that Emily works in) and it was DELICIOUS!!!! I was stuffed.

* I had never had a cocktail named the “Kentucky Maid” before. We went out after dinner on Thursday and I told the bartender that I liked “cucumber, ginger, and mint.” He took that into consideration and served up this drink that was DELICIOUS

* I had never been to Lauren’s and Toby’s house! It was BEAUTIFUL and Lauren cooked a ridiculously amazing meal!

* I had never loved a break more than this one. 6 months til summer. Woof.

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