I learned how to tie a bow-tie!

Winners from last week’s drawing will be announced at the bottom of this page!

I first learned how to tie a tie when I was in high school. I remember joining Jazz II in my sophomore year and feeling a strange happiness when I realized I’d have to now buy and wear a tie for concerts. I found an awesome tie with a dalmation wearing a fire hat on it, and learned how to tie it from my dad. I never had to learn how to tie a bow-tie, however, since we just wore basic clip-ons for Wind Ensemble and Concert Band.

Fast forward to last night, which was Thomas and Julia’s engagement party! They’re an awesome couple who are always hilarious to be around and create fun times wherever they go. I realized, as I was getting ready for the party, that I still hadn’t done a noteworthy first for the week! So I told them to be on the lookout for any new things for me to do after the party ended and we went to the casino (which is ALWAYS a breeding ground for new things!)

When we got to the martini bar, I realized that Thomas’ bow-tie that he had been wearing all night had come undone! I asked if he was going to re-tie it and if he could teach me how, but he didn’t know! So we googled it and attempted to read the instructions. They started off easy, but got progressively harder. Luckily, there were short videos included with each step, which definitely helped clarify for our not-sober brains!

After we figured it out, Tom volunteered the use of his wrist so that I could record a video of my new skill! Check it out, complete with the obvious choice of background music when tying a bow-tie at a club in a casino (Notorious BIG’s “Hypnotize”):

So, what does tying a bow-tie have to do with this week’s (and this month’s final) giveaway?!!

Well, it would have been impossible for us to figure out how to tie the bow-tie without watching these videos. I also want you to share in the pleasure of watching awesomeness on a screen, so I’m raffling away two movie tickets! To win them, you must be signed up to follow my blog (click the gray button to the right of this screen), and you should let me know that you’d like to be entered by commenting on this post…in your comment section, let me know what the closest cinemas to you are, and I shall then provide a gift card for that specific cinema chain. Happy raffling!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never known that Math Counts (an afterschool club) had inter-district competitions! It was held at the middle school that I currently work this past Thursday. Old Saybrook, where I did my first internship and where I TP’d the school, was represented, and I was happy to run into the 7th and 8th grade math teachers unexpectedly.

* I had never known that the Martini Bar is now called “Avalon.” It was Leffingwells when I worked there!

* I had never known how to work this version of Chris’s diabetic equipment.

* I had never eaten Portuguese cookies before. Delicious!


Welp, there were only two comments, so congrats to Terry and Liz!!!! I’m excited to share this yummy-smelling soap with you!!

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4 Responses to I learned how to tie a bow-tie!

  1. Karla says:

    Spotlight Theater in Hartford is my fav!!
    And let me know if you want to do a Jamberry giveaway and I can get you a prize since I sell now!


  2. holoaank says:

    You’re awesome. Bow ties are super hipster. I live near an AMC and would love a date night. 😉


  3. Amy Wilson says:

    i still have my straight tie from when we were in jazz band! I lend it to a student every concert now that I’m a band teacher. I think my dad had bought it for me when we went to UNH in 8th grade for the Jazz band festival up there!


    • Amy Wilson says:

      Oh and I live near the Enfield movie theater. I think it’s a Rave cinema. Brian bought a Fandango gift card once that we were able to use there 😉


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