I worked out with a personal trainer!

Winners from last week’s drawings are announced at the bottom of this post!

Roughly 4 years ago, I joined Weight Watchers and lost somewhere between 25-30 pounds over about a school year. I first posted this picture when I climbed a ladder for the first time, but this is the best comparison that I have between my lowest and highest weights:

weight comparison

Besides Weight Watchers, I also was introduced to things to do at the gym by two friends in Honolulu, Nancy and Nicole. We’d go to the gym together 2-3 times a week and it was awesome. Nicole was also an Irish step dance buddy, and I had loads of time and opportunity to dance a LOT during those last few years in Hawaii.

When I moved back home, I was still able to watch what I ate and use the gym, since Mom had signed up for a 2-person membership at the local gym, but Dad never used it. I was still able to keep all of this up when school started again – the middle school schedule allowed me to have an hour or two in between school ending and night classes beginning, so I would spend them at the gym (and show up to class sweaty in sweats! Such a babe). I also used the last chunk of money that I had to take an Irish dance class once a week (that kicked my BUTT!).

But after the middle school internship came the elementary one. And by the time I walked out of the elementary school every day, there wasn’t enough time to hit the gym and then go to classes (elementary schools get out much later than middle schools). I had run out of money for dance classes, and schoolwork was KILLER (and also trying to figure out where I was going to student teach!) The gym became a distant memory, and I was swamped and overwhelmed during my actual student teaching last spring to even think about working out.

I’ve attempted to get back on the “working out wagon” a few times since the beginning of the summer, but it’s pretty hard to establish a regular routine when you’ve been out of one for so long. I kept saying “I’ll start Monday!” (because apparently Mondays are the only days on which you can start new routines??!) and then not following through.

But then in walked Jake!

I first met Jake during my middle school internship. In my head, I called him the “kids with special needs whisperer.” He worked as a paraprofessional with a 4th grade boy, and it was AMAZING to watch Jake work with him! I would watch him walk down a hallway, and then stop suddenly to see if the boy would do the same thing, which he did, which would cause the boy to giggle until Jake started the cycle again…giggling and stopping suddenly as they walked down the hallway. Jake was also a huge help when I had to cover another boy with special needs. He’d answer any questions that I had and would help keep the schedule and routine as close to normal as possible. He was also an awesome co-worker, always smiling and happy every day!

So when I saw that he had finished his personal training certification and was trying to start his own business, I wanted to help any way that I could! He announced a holiday special – $200/month for December and January, which would get me three 45-minute sessions each week. That’s RIDICULOUS! So I told him that I was IN!!!! We met up on Monday so that he could ask me some questions and figure out what our plan of attack would be, and then hopped into it on Wednesday.

It’s been great! I’ve already realized just how wrong I’ve been working out all along! A typical stretch for me at the gym would go something like this:

– *Complete one set of 25 crunches*
– “…okay I’ll rest for about 30 seconds….I wonder why that student did that earlier today. I mean, I get that he’s 13, but I would think he would know better than to throw eight pencils at that girl across the room. Although, maybe I should go back and consult Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development. That might shine some light on the matter….”
– *3 minutes passes, lost in thought about educational theories*
– “OH CRAP!!!!! I should do my second set of crunches!!!”

And so on and so forth. I was spending two hours at the gym, mostly spacing out/staring at the ceiling, not keeping my heart rate up, not using proper form when doing the exercises, and also not thinking about different combinations of exercises. I was probably the most un-efficient worker-outer ever!!!

Wednesday and Friday really showed me how to work out effectively and efficiently! I’ve learned a whole bunch of new exercises, how to do them properly, how to come to exercise with a PLAN in place, and how to keep my heart rate up during the session. I’ve hurt both days after working out, but it’s a GREAT pain and I’m still functional. It feels awesome to have that accountability to have to show up to work out. And it’s also AWESOME that I’m in and out in 45 minutes, and all I have to do is follow directions, not contemplate which exercise I should do next!

I forgot to snap a lot of photos for the blog, but here’s one of us after our first workout on Wednesday:

blog post first workout

SO!! What’s this week’s giveaway? Jake is being SUPER GENEROUS and is giving away THREE FREE SESSIONS with him!!!! Don’t live in the area? You can also consult with him over skype!!!

To enter into this drawing, all you have to do is go to his facebook page and “like” it: https://www.facebook.com/reckedfitness Don’t have facebook? Just comment in the section below that you would like to be entered. Are you one of Jake’s friends and already have liked his page? Sign up to follow my blog by clicking the gray “follow” button. You must be entered by next Sunday, 12/14 at noon!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never used a really cool cookie gun!!! My friend Lisa (her husband Tommy’s bagpipes were the ones I played a few weeks ago!) Basically, you make the mix, shove it in the gun, and then the trigger pushes out the dough into really cool shapes!

blog post plopping cookies

* I had never watched the movie “Life of Pi.” Dante and I watched it last night, since his kids are still working on that unit. It was so beautifully shot (hooray for you, Ang Lee!), but if I hadn’t read the book, I don’t think I would have caught the overall metaphor on religion. It’s not as clearly laid out in the movie. But it was nice to see snippets of India caught on film! There was one bridge that I definitely crossed when I was in Pondicherry so that was cool to see and remember.

* I had never had to overnight an employment application packet. Yeesh. Totes off to a good start with that one.


Drumroll, please! 🙂

I entered everyone into the items that they wanted to win. There were 5 items that nobody specifically wanted, so after the first three drawings (that people specifically asked for), I placed everyone’s names into one pile and just picked out names for each item that remained. If you won, but DON’T want your prize, just let me know!

Item 1: Kristen
Item 2: Raylene
Item 3: Rita
Item 4: Christine
Item 5: Liz
Item 6: Michelle
Item 7: Kelly
Item 8: Teresa
Item 9: Karla

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  1. yay!! I’m in for 8! Unless someone wants to trade! 🙂


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