I tye-dyed things! (And decided to attempt to market my blog…)

How did I get through my childhood without tye-dying anything you ask? I have no clue. I’m willing to guess that my brother and I were two of the messiest children, meaning my mother was smart enough to realize what any arts and craft area would look like if we started creating in it. Thus, no tye-dye.

Anywho, I’ve been meaning to complete this one for a while now, but something (or nothing) keeps popping up! I was excited to finally have some time to do it over this past week thanks to Thanksgiving break (a MUCH needed breath of fresh air!). However, it still took longer than I thought. But! I came up with a good idea in the process….at least I think. If it doesn’t work out, who gives a crap?! I think I’m starting to realize that fear of failure is just straight dumb (although it doesn’t make it any less daunting). Stay tuned for the first installment of a month of giveaways!

ANYWHO, you can find a basic tye-dying kit in any craft store or craft section of a store. There are different colors and different shades that you can get. I went with the “classic” colors, which were just the primary colors. The kit also came with directions to show you how to rubber band shirts and make different patterns:

Tye Dye Directions

There are two ways of doing it – the wet or the dry way. I decided to go with the wet plan, which just meant that I soaked the things that I was going to tye-dye in warm water before I dyed them. I did one (the tank top) using the dry method, but that was just done by accident…I spaced out and forgot to dunk it! Hahaha

Basically, I picked up something to dye, rubberbanded it into sections (depending on how I wanted the pattern to look), and then dyed the material. Afterwards, I wrapped it in plastic wrap (we only had the sticky stuff left, so that was pretty silly), and left it overnight.

Tye Dye Plastic Wrap

Earlier today, I unwrapped them, rinsed them, and dried them outside since it was warmer than it has been.

They came out (I think!)…awesome! Which made me feel OK, since they were a part of my interesting idea that I came up with while shopping for supplies.

I’m constantly wondering how to draw more viewership to the blog, or how to get people to check it out, and I’m wondering if tye-dye might be a good start! Let me explain…I made 5 t-shirts, 1 tank top, and 3 tote bags. All have “Well I Never!” (the name of my blog) on the front, and “neverthoughtiddothat.wordpress.com” on the back. Would you like a chance to win a free prize, and help promote my blog?! Then you’ve come to the right post!

You have several ways to enter a drawing for these tye-dyed beauties:

1.Follow my blog by clicking the gray “follow” button on the right hand side of the blog – This just signs you up to receive an e-mail whenever I post. Your name will be entered into the drawing ONCE for the creation of your choosing.

2. Comment in the comment section with your favorite post. Your name will be entered into the drawing ONCE for the creation of your choosing.

3. Comment with an idea for a new thing that you think I could try/do. This has to be somewhat realistic (i.e. no, I cannot take a space shuttle to the moon…although that would be REALLY cool…) Your name will be entered into the drawing TWICE for the creation of your choosing.

4. Comment with an idea for a new thing that I can try/do AND that you can help me accomplish/set up/make happen. Your name will be entered into the drawing THREE TIMES for the creation of your choosing (and I’ll be super thankful!)

To figure out which item you’d like to be in the running for, here’s how they all turned out when they were drying (This is before I wrote my blog’s name on them in permanent marker):

Tye Dye Side A

Tye Dye Side B

They’re numbered in order from the top picture down, left to right. Here’s the numbers with a brief description:

Item 1: A yellow/white splotched tote bag
Item 2: A ladies small tank top, pink and white splotched (this was done with the dry method, so the colors are super vibrant)
Item 3: A mostly blue, with pink/green/yellow splotched tote bag
Item 4: A men’s large, mostly blue t-shirt with purplish/reddish circle-splotches
Item 5: A blue/yellow/red (in that order) striped tote bag
Item 6: A men’s large, horizontally-striped t-shirt
Item 7: A mostly greenish-blueish shirt with a large pink/purple circle
Item 8: Mostly white, with some green/blue/yellow splotches
Item 9: A bright yellow circle, surrounded by blue, purple, and pink circles

Just tell me what for item you’d like to be included in the drawing! It’s completely free, so if you end up not liking it, just give it away or donate it! No cost on your part! You can enter as many times as you’d like and for as many different items as you’d like.

Entries will be taken until noon next Sunday (12/7) and the winners will be announced on next week’s blog post!

I’m going to attempt to set up a giveaway each week during the next month (until the week before Christmas), so stay tuned each week!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never had such a tiny Thanksgiving! Only 9 people were here, but it was silly and funny and Dante got to meet MaryKate so I was stoked!

* I had never been to the DMV three times in one week before. Most people know that I have “grown up days,” but apparently I missed a ridiculous amount of them over the past year because EVERYTHING was going to expire on my car. On the same day. All three days were spent doing ridiculous things, BUT, I managed to come out of it all with a legal car that will remain so for at least another year. Also, who knew that you were supposed to pay property taxes on your car??!!!! Oh, everyone else?! How do I miss this knowledge?!

* I had never been to a “friendsgiving” in Boston before! I spent last weekend with Dante, one of his best friends, his best friend’s college roommates, and other assorted people. It was held at his best friend’s girlfriend’s house, who lives there with two other ladies. The three of them make up an AWESOMEEEEEEEE house that was amazing to be a part of for a few days πŸ™‚ One of the roommates, Courtney, turned the apartment into a holiday magical place!


* I’ve never had my rejection letters pile up to 31 before. I think that I have enough to make a collage soon!

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9 Responses to I tye-dyed things! (And decided to attempt to market my blog…)

  1. Kelly says:

    I loved the post where you and Dante played Tennis. I think you should try to do a 2 hand with me πŸ™‚ We can do it at camp? πŸ˜€ (I like the tank top!)


  2. 2 – my favourite post was the pictures & lyrics, obviously πŸ˜‰ but, really, I love them all!

    3 – have you ever had Ethiopian food? there’s a GREAT restaurant in Hartford!!

    4 – come to the studio and record something!! anything!! there are tons of options!! I can totally set it up for you!!


    • irishcait02 says:

      THANKS!!!!! (and i think that post was my all-time favorite, too….i mean, who could find a more amazing photographer!!!)

      never had ethiopian food, although i veganized it once for a vegan dinner night in hawaii!!! do they have vegetarian options? (or seafood?) i would SO BE IN FOR THAT!

      studio time might come in handy in the future…there’s something i’ve been working on!


  3. rayleneiris says:

    Hi Cait! I love your blog, my favorite recent post is ‘I Turned 30!’ Super insightful and very relatable. I also did not tye-dye anything when I was younger, but your blogs are always inspiring me to do things I have never done as well! This is great … “I think I’m starting to realize that fear of failure is just straight dumb (although it doesn’t make it any less daunting).” ~Aloha, Raylene p.s. i like item 2 πŸ™‚


    • irishcait02 says:

      Raylene, i miss your smiling face ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!! i hope life is awesome and hawaii is just as beautiful as when i left it (i’m pretty sure that won’t change!) your name will be entered into that drawing a few times! (you were one of my first followers!!)


  4. holoaank says:

    I loved the post where you cut your own hair, because I helped!! Also, I’d like to win the yellow tote bag please!


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