I shot an air-soft gun!

Guns scare me. I hate war movies, I hate movies where people die (unless they’re total bad guys and it’s a black and white issue). I’m uncomfortable thinking that I have the power to kill something or someone in my hands…I’m such a klutz!!! So many things can happen. Don’t get me wrong…I think responsible people should have the right to bear arms (hooray 2nd ammendment!) and hunt in season. As much as I don’t get a kick out of it, I know hunting is something that others live by and for. It’s just not for me!

I’ve held water guns and those crazy water guns at fairs that shoot water at those targets and make those things climb and then you get a prize if your thing reaches the top first (I’m so descriptive, aren’t I?!!), but I’ve never held anything that doesn’t shoot water.

Dante bought an air-soft pistol and rifle a month or two ago. He uses it for target practice and other such tomfoolery (oh, good word!). It shoots plastic yellow pellets. This weekend, I asked to try it out. It was a bit scary, but I faced it and shot a plastic cup (after MANY attempts hahaha). Turns out I’m a terrible shot and have no aim!

He stacked three cups on a chair and then showed me how to “cock” the rifle. I also was made to wear sunglasses, since there were no safety glasses on hand and pellets can go awry. I walked closer to get a better shot off, buuttttttttt, that didn’t help either:

Other notable firsts:

* I had never driven a 12-person van before! I rented this van for Dante’s birthday and got a few of his old-time friends together for a bar-crawl. I was a bit terrible at first, but got the hang of it as the day went on!

blog white van

* I had never read “The Art of Loving,” by Erich Fromm. This was actually recommended to me in 2004 on my OpenDiary, but I only got around to it now. Such an interesting work — I can draw parallels between it and things I’ve read by C.S. Lewis, the Tao te Ching, Aristotle, and Hindu things. Fascinating.

* I had never knowingly realized when a math class was taught by new CCSS standards. It was….really great!

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One Response to I shot an air-soft gun!

  1. Genna says:

    Notable also that you shot an air soft gun INDOORS!!!! And also towards a large glass frame. Impressive!


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