I played the bagpipes!

Sometimes you find yourself in the perfect spot at the perfect time to find something new to try!

I made a new friend recently at the middle school named Lisa. She and her husband, Tommy, are part of the piping and drumming scene in Southeastern CT. They actually were part of the piping group that play at the Robert Burns Dinner that I’ve attended the last two years! I’m helping Lisa learn a few new bass drum songs, and in return she feeds me delicious gluten-free food and listens to me unload my burdens.

I was over last Monday when Tommy came home and said “I’m going to go practice.” I didn’t know that he played the pipes yet, so you can imagine my face when I saw them come out of their case! I asked if I could ever try them, and he said of course!

HOLY CRAP DO THEY TAKE SO MUCH AIR!!!!! I think one of my problems being a woodwind major (besides my lack of effort at practicing) was that my lung capacity has always been terrible. I remember blowing into a lung-capacity device that my best friend in 6th grade had (it helped tell how bad her asthma was at any given time), and I had a worse score than she did…but I didn’t have asthma! I was almost instantaneously light-headed when I tried blowing into the pipes.

To play them, you first blow into a pipe that fills up the bladder, which goes under your arm. Then, you squeeze the bladder, which send air down through the chanter, which is the part that has the holes where your fingers cover the holes.

I didn’t figure out the second half of playing the pipes until a few days after, so you’ll notice in the video that I’m moving my fingers, but no sounds are being produced except for the drones, since I wasn’t squeezing the bladder. I was SO light-headed since I had filled the bladder once before shooting the video. I was absolutely, delightfully horrible!!!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never been to Abby’s in Essex before. I met Genna and Kahanu over there on Tuesday, since I had the day off for election day. It was awesome! Definitely hard to find, though. I was super lost!

* I had never been to a happy hour at Harbour House in Mystic before. It was delicious and cheap and amazing and I want to go back there!

* I had never been to a wedding for a member of Dante’s family before. Subsequently, I have never flat-out cried at a wedding before. I don’t know if it’s because I had a tough week at work or whatnot, but I was a mess during the ceremony! I apologized profusely to Dante through my tears, but he was awesome and just let me be a messy girl. The woman who married Dante’s uncle is just awesome and it’s nice to see great things happen to people that have waited a long time for awesomeness.

* I had never painted on a canvas before (I think??!) Lisa had a ladies night at her house on Friday. Instead of paying a bunch of money for a drunken palate experience, we brought our own food/booze over and she supplied canvases and art supplies. I should have taken a picture of someone else’s finished product. Mine looked like a few randomly placed thermometers. Merp! Better luck next time!!!

blog post canvas

* I had never heard of the NCDA, which is an association that is dedicated to training career counselors. Fascinating.

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