I made my own nail polish!

Have you ever walked by the makeup aisle and thought “huh…..I really wish that eye shadow shade was a nail polish shade!”? Well now it can be, friends!

I was aimlessly wandering around the internet looking for something to make, as my mother told me that making beignets was a no-go. I somehow stumbled upon this gem:


AHA! Of course I had to try this one!

I started by heading to Ocean State…I enjoy their prices immensely hahaha. You need two things – clear nail polish and some eye shadow. I found these for $1 each!

nailblog beginning

I picked the light blue color in the middle.

Next, pour just a skosh of the clear nail polish out, as you want to create some room for the shadow. Then, you crush up the eye shadow and pour it into a funnel to get it into the bottle. I forgot to record this step, whoopsies! However, I did take a picture of what the eyeshadow would have looked like if it was on my eyes instead of my nails. You can’t really see it in the picture, but I looked just a bit like Mimi from the Drew Carey show!

nailblog eye

Then, shake up the bottle! I sang Taylor Swift in my head while I was doing this. Way more fun! Voila!

nailblog blue

The only problem that came about was that I picked a color that was in the middle of all the other ones, so the transfer to the funnel wasn’t very smooth. I lost about half of the shadow in the transfer. In the future, I’ll either pick eye shadow that only has one or two colors OR find some sort of tiny scooping device to get the shadow out and into the funnel if the color I want is in the middle of a bunch of colors.

The end result was light, but it would have made a big difference if more of the shadow had found its way into the bottle. Picking a darker color might have made a bigger difference also. I’ll have to experiment more in the future!

nailblog finish

Other notable firsts:

* I had never had an LMC bracelet last until the last day of October! Woop! It finally broke on Friday when it caught on my shirt sleeve.

nailblog lmc bracelet

* I had never seen the beginning of Hocus Pocus! Finally. (I saw the ending a few years ago). The only thing I get when I go to “When Pigs Fly” is the Hocus Poachus, so it’s nice to see its movie cousin 🙂

* I had never read “Life of Pi.” Dante’s students are reading this and I gave him a few pics/videos of what Pondicherry is like from my travels there. It also mentioned a bunch of other cities that I went to when I was in India and it made me very excited! I HATED the ending until I “GOT IT!!!!” and then sat for 5 minutes and enjoyed how much my mind was blown 🙂

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