I went to Storrs Adventure Park!

My friend Heather had her 27th birthday party yesterday and planned two events, one during the day and the other at night. My other friend Katie also held her annual birthday/halloween party yesterday, but was having her party at night. So, I was able to accommodate both awesome friends by going to Katie’s party at night and Heather’s afternoon adventure.

Her afternoon idea was Storrs Adventure Park, which was AMAAAAAZINGGGGG! It’s a high ropes, outdoor-adventure park that’s just up the road from UConn. You get harnesses and caribeanners, and a quick tutorial on how to clip yourself in and not die.

The courses are at varying levels above the ground (the easiest is 15 ish feet off the ground, the next is 20-25 ft, the next 30ish, and I don’t even want to know how high the highest one is….), and each features “elements” (some type of wire walking/swinging/obstacle to get through) between platforms.

I hate heights (seriously. I didn’t climb my first ladder until almost two years ago!), but I always challenge myself with this. (Hence why I went skydiving when I lived in Hawaii…) I never want to let fears keep me from at least trying something.

So up I went yesterday with Heather and Christine, along with Heather’s friends from college, Liz and Brittany. We didn’t get any other pictures besides this one of us right before we started the course.


IT WAS AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!! It was nice to push myself and cheer on others and try and figure out the best way to cross an element. I ended up with a small degree of wire-burn when I did NOT listen to a staff member’s advice to go sideways and ended up spinning and falling and probably mooning half the park in a lovely comedy routine. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even help myself up hahaha.

I believe it closes for the season sometime soon, but it will reopen in the spring. GET OVER TO IT!!!!! You won’t regret it!!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never held all of CAKE’s babies in one day! CAKE was one of my groups of friends from high school: (C)ait, (A)lexis, (K)risten, and Amy (E)lizabeth. I don’t need nor want kids for another decade or so (hahaha), but the other three members have all become mommies and it was nice to see my friends’ offspring in a jampacked day last weekend.

Kristen’s son, JP, is the oldest (also my nannying charge from days past!) He was up visiting Kristen’s mom in Windsor, so I stopped by to read him a book and hang out for a bit


Charlotte is Amy’s daughter and was also the baby featured in the Jewish naming ceremony post. I visited her, along with a few other camp friends and other babies.


Last up was going to meet Lex’s new son, Jamie, born on 10/17! He was the one who I wrote the children’s book for. I got to meet him in the hospital and watch the nurse suck his first booger out. So adorable hahaha


* I had never met another student who named all of their hamsters “Hammy.” I’ve been made fun of mercilessly over the years because I had hamsters named Hammy, Hammy 2, Hammy 3, and Hammy 4. Welp, one of the the 5th graders on my team informed me that she had Hammy’s 1 through 3. Her parents made her name the current one Squirt instead of Hammy 4. I gave her a high five.

* I had never worn my school badge to happy hour before. This was definitely by accident. Whoopsies!

* I had never gone through TCI training (Traumatic Crisis Intervention). I spent last Thursday and Friday learning about restraints, but more importantly how to talk to students to avoid restraints and calm them down.

* I had never had my picture taken in my current district! Hooray for Miss Daly, 2014-2015. This picture is hilarious for many reasons – I had completely forgotten it was picture day is number one on the list.


* I had never played the game “dixit” before, which was played at Katie’s party last night. It’s a pretty crazy party that deals with abstract art and guessing things. I would totally play it again!!!!!

* I had never dressed as a villain before (at least I think??!) That was the theme to Katie’s party, and here’s what I dressed as….any guesses?!! (The pillow was suffocating me and also distracting me hahaha. I ended up giving birth to it later in the evening so that I could breathe again)



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