I turned 30!

Some of us know exactly what we want to do in life, and that’s AMAZING! One of my two best friends, Kristen, is the only person I know who, if you looked at her 17-year old self’s life plan, ACTUALLY BECAME HER REAL LIFE, complete with age of marriage, age of house bought, and first kid born. She’s unbelievable!!!

However, not only are we complete opposites in terms of Myers-Briggs personality tests, we are also complete opposites when it comes to knowing what to do with our lives. According to MY 17-year old self, I was going to be a music teacher who was also a nun…I’d wear sneakers under my habit and play basketball with the kids during recess and have the best sounding band around for miles!

Welp, here I am at age 30, with none of those plans accomplished! (Although I suppose I HAVE worn sneakers to play basketball with kids at recess). But I DO have a whole hell of a lot more experience, understanding, knowledge, and stories to tell than when I was 20. Kristen may have spent her 20s making her plans come true brilliantly, but I suppose that I spent mine weeding out what I DON’T want to do. I might even dare say that my failures are as brilliant as Kristen’s successes! (Also, my failures are mostly really, really hilarious. Definitely not at the time I was going through them, but now I could probably use 95% of them in a stand-up comedy routine).

I remember being 20 and feeling nervous for my upcoming life, but really optimistic that things would work out. I suppose I’m still right there, with a few more wrinkles and perhaps a touch less idealism. My hope is that I can ring in my 40th year (GULP!) with more clarity than what I feel now. Sometimes our hopes for the future are just really simple.

This past decade brought big moves, lots of degrees, lots of uncertainty, lots of love, lots of friends, and lots of growth. And while I might wish for a bit less in terms of student loan debt, I wouldn’t change anything that happened.

Thanks to the best family and friends in the world…you make my life so much better.

Other notable firsts:
* I had never read books by Malcolm Gladwell. What a freaking fascinating author! His writing REALLY makes you think about things from random perspectives. I read “Outliers,” which investigates what success does mean and really, what it SHOULD mean, as well as “What the Dog Saw,” which is a collection of columns that he wrote for The New Yorker, where he’s worked since the mid-90s. The title essay details what goes on inside Cesar Milan’s head as he whispers to dogs, and then takes a stab at what goes on inside the dog’s head, too. Brilliance.

* I had never heard the song “Things We Said Today,” by the Beatles. I was asked to read the lyrics as the second reading at my cousin, Mike’s, wedding to Lizzie this past Friday. The lyrics were pretty awesome for a wedding!

The wedding was fantastic and super fun and OFF THE WALL RIDICULOUS, in true Daly fashion 🙂 I’m talking back flips on the dance floor, people! I snapped NO PICTURES at the wedding!!! It was too dark for my camera, so instead I stole this pic off of facebook:

blog post lizzie mike

* I had never heard of the term “Daly dilly-dally,” which hilariously describes why Daly’s are never on time. For anything. hahaha

* I had never had a firedrill while staying in a hotel. The night after the rehearsal dinner (before the wedding), the alarm sounded at 2 am. We were all pretty exhausted the next day! This is Maeve, Matt and Ashley’s daughter, hanging out with my dad during the firedrill. The hanging out consisted mainly of my not-sober father enjoying his time with a hilarious 4-year old while talking at the top of his lungs. Normal Joe Daly things.

blog post dad maeve

* I had never held a newborn in a hospital before! My best friend, Chris, and his wife, Kari, gave birth to their second son, Hunter Steve on the day of the wedding! I got a voicemail about the delivery during the wedding. I stopped by to visit them in their hotel room on the way back from the wedding. So amazingly, ridiculously happy for the two of them and their little family now 🙂

blog post hunter steve

* I had never received flowers from my new coworkers before! They surprised me with these lovely buds on my birthday.

blog post birthday flowers

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