I went to Mohegan Sun’s BrewFest!

My birthday is tomorrow, so Dante took me away this weekend for a bunch of surprises. He picked me up Saturday morning and we went out to my favorite brunch place. Then we drove to the casino and I didn’t know what we were going to do there until he pulled out the tickets! There were dozens of beer vendors in their big ballroom, and we got a glass and free rein of as many different tastings that we wanted!

It was awesome!!! I tried 14 beers altogether. At the end, I ranked them with checks (3 was my favorite….Ommegang’s Hennepin Farm Ale):


We had a blast! There was a live band and games like ping pong and foosball and air hockey (I won!)

At BeerFest

They also had a crab pretzel that I had never thought of making before either. It was from a foodstand called Arooga’s. It was greasy, but delicious beer food!


Other notable firsts:

* I had never stayed at the Pleasant View Inn (on Misquamicut), or eaten at the Twisted Vine (in Westerly). These were the things that Dante surprised me with!!! šŸ™‚

* I had never visited Stonington Vineyards. A few friends/family members came by today to spend time with me there and it was AWESOME! The view was beautiful and we had awesome weather, too!


* I had never put my pants in the freezer before. I sat in some silly putty by accident on Friday. The TA that I work with suggested I freeze them and that it would be easier to scrape the stuff off afterwards. I kinda-sorta forgot about them all weekend and just took them out. I got most of the stuff off, but there is still some pink left over. Not sure if I should put it through the wash yet?!!


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