I chugged maple syrup!

It wasn’t meant to be a quirky rendition of super troopers, but i think it turned into a classier, perhaps SLIGHTLY more intoxicated, version of the film.

It came about like this: Amy and Bill’s “thank you” gifts for their guests were small bottles of maple syrup. However, I thought it was whisky when I first looked at it. I said that I was going to chug it, and Dante gave me an inquisitive look. “You’re going to chug syrup?” he asked. “Oh,” I replied.

But then I realized….welp….I’ve never chugged syrup before! And, as I’ve attempted to prove time and time again, there’s always a first time for everything!

I thought I was going to have a bit more backup from many of the scouts that were in attendance at the wedding, however Corinne and I were the only ones left standing in the parking lot downing it by headlight after the final minutes of the wedding. (The scouts were probably smart in realizing how similar this was to the movie hahaha) Our amazing boyfriends cheered us on (and were either slighly disturbed or really proud. Not sure.)

Without further ado, here is our extremely classy rendition of super troopers (sorry if it appears upside down…youtube is currently fixing the video to be facing the right way, but it might take a little bit).

It kind of burned my nostrils!!! Anywho, it wasn’t that bad. However, my stomach wasn’t fantastic earlier today. Perhaps chugging a bit of syrup had something to do with this??!!!

Overall, what an amazing night. It was AWESOME to see a whole bunch of scouts who were amazing to me for the 3 weeks that I worked there a few years ago (lending me uniforms and socks, teaching me how to catch a rooster in the dead of night, making me laugh constantly), and of course a beautiful time celebrating one of the most warm, laid-back, loving couples that I know. May they have many years of happiness ahead of them!!!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never attended a wedding with Dante before! We have another one coming up in November, and a possible two more in May. He’s a pretty great date if I say so myself! We sat at the Frontier table, OF COURSE!!!!!


* I had never learned how to properly cut a cherry tomato. Dante explained that you spear it with your fork, and then cut the tomato between the prongs of the fork. It worked splendidly! (Don’t make fun of me…my mouth is too small to fit a whole cherry tomato in there!)

blog cutting tomato

* I had never seen/heard of Rob Surette, the fastest portrait artist in the world! He came to the school’s assembly on Friday and he was amazing to see in action.

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3 Responses to I chugged maple syrup!

  1. I wish I could have joined you! But I had to drive some of our other scout friends to camp, next time I will do it with you!


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