I went to a batting cage!

I couldn’t remember if I had actually never done this before. Dante and I headed out to Great Brook driving range in Groton to hit a few golf balls (well…he did. I apparently headed out to whiff!) When we got there, I saw a sign advertising their batting cage! So I texted my dad and brother to see if they could recall if I had actually ever gone into a batting cage. Neither of them actually thought that I had (and my brother brought up the point that even if I had gone into a cage, it didn’t count if I didn’t actually HIT a ball), so I decided to give it a whirl!

Dante coached me through it. Unfortunately, I had just come from hitting golf balls for 30 mins, so I really think that it looks like I’m swinging the bat like a golf club!

However, I’m pretty sure that even if I actually swung it like a baseball bat, I still wouldn’t have done any better. I was pretty bad bwaaaaahahaha. Pretty sure this video just shows how gangly my limbs actually are!

Other notable firsts (many left over from last week since my post was so long!):
* I had never introduced Dante to Kristen’s extended family members! We went for her mom’s 60th birthday party last week and they were there. I was super stoked to introduce him to one of my many second families. Also, we hung out in their new trailor which was amazing.

* I had never sung every “ho” or “hey” in the Lumineer’s song before (this might have annoyed the piss out of Dante in the car…)

* I had never had a “muffie” before from Panera. Apparently, it’s a muffin in the shape of a cookie.

blog post muffie

* I had never driven on rt. 63 through CT before. It brings you up through Naugatuck valley. It was beautiful!

* I had never listened to the 90s pop station on pandora before. It dated us in the car, but MAN was it awesome!!

* I had never owned such shiny shoes before!!! Got these for $5! 🙂

blog shiny shoes

* I had never gone to an LMC meeting in September before! It made me so happy to get a bit of camp love today. Also, I had never sent out the new senior staff acceptance letter that I created to help bridge JCs up to SS. This made me happy 🙂

* I had never tried jamberry nail products before. Jenn, Catherine, Sarah, and I met up before camp so that Catherine could assist Sarah and Jenn with their jamicures. She put a sample on my accent nails. The print is delightful. I had also never OKd hosting a jamberry party before. Em$ will host one on my facebook page in a few weeks. Keep an eye out!

blog post jamberry

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