I ate a whole apple!

OK, OK…It’s not EXACTLY what you’re thinking….of course I’ve eaten an apple before. Just not the whole thing: I mean, literally, everything except the seeds!

I think a friend or two has done this before, but I hadn’t tried it yet for myself. The idea is to eat the apple from the top-down instead of left-to-right (thereby leaving the core and wasting a lot of the fruit). I was a bit apprehensive if the hard-part-around-the-seeds was actually going to be edible.

I started with a whole apple:

blog apple 1

The seeds came about halfway down, surrounded by those tough “pockets’ that they sit in. Surprisingly, they weren’t that terrible! I wasn’t capable of pushing the seeds to the side of my mouth and spitting them out after swallowing the mouthful of apple, so I looked like a 2 year old with apple crap spilling out of my mouth. Also, I tasted a patch that reminded me of black cherry. Weird.

blog apple 2

Towards the end, I was left with a choice….do I eat the bottom? With those brown things in the middle?!!

blog apple 3

I had to! I had challenged myself to eat a whole apple, dag nabbit!!

blog apple 4

I may start eating my apples like this full time…I got waaaay more food in me than previously thought possible!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never been a 3:1 para before. No words can describe this. Luckily, I am down to 2:1 now. Phew!

* I had never been to a happy hour at the Bee and Thistle in Old Lyme. It was awesome!!!

* I had never seen the movie “Transcendence” with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman. SUPER thought-provoking and brought up awesome philosophical points to ponder.

* I had never solved all of the puzzles featured in “The Day” before! I did this twice…once on Friday and once today! Crossword, Word Scramble, Crytogram, and Sudoku….donezo!

blog all the puzzles

* I had never hosted trivia on a Sunday night before! Kevin and Jenn were already booked at a private trivia event when Conn College called and asked them to host at their welcome-back weekend. So off I went for a double-header! Two games, from 8-midnight. There were a lot more teams there then I was used to, but it was awesome and super fun!!!

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2 Responses to I ate a whole apple!

  1. Mary daly says:

    Caitlyn you are awesome!


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