I took the MENSA workout!

Steve and Christine from band camp rented a house a town over during this past week, so I got together with them on Friday and sat on another friend’s beach over there. For some reason, we started talking about IQs (don’t ask me why!) and I realized that I’ve never taken a real IQ test.

I was sure that there were no reliable IQ tests that could be found on the interwebz, but I checked out the MENSA website anyways. They detailed how they admit their members – essentially, because every IQ test is out of different ranges, they accept any person who can prove that they scored at or above the 98th percentile of any acceptable IQ test.

They have a practice test, called their “MENSA workout” that provides 30 questions that you must answer within 30 minutes. They give you a percentage at the end. This is NOT an acceptable IQ test that can be used for acceptance into MENSA, but rather is supposed to give the test-taker an idea of whether or not they want to pay the money to take an IQ test. Why waste your money if you’re not going to get in?!!

mensa comic

So how’d I do?

Well, I got a 21/30, or a 70%. Pretty sure this puts me right in the middle of the bell curve and screams “AVERAGE!!!!!!” which I am completely content with!

If you’d like to test yourself, you can find it here: http://mensa.org/workout

I’d suggest taking it in a quiet place with no distractions (my mom was watching a loud TV show when I was taking it and I kept getting distracted!) They use the same questions every time you take the test, so you really only get one shot at it.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never been to Angie’s pizza in Mystic.

* I had never been scorekeeper AND host for trivia! PHEW my ADD was rampant!!! But I made it through with no delays and happy customers 🙂

* I had never received The New London Day as our newspaper instead of the Hartford Courant. I’m still getting used to knowing which sections are which and where to find things. They have new comics and their crossword puzzles are easier. But at least it comes every morning!

* I had never heard of the Coolidge effect. It made me giggle and you can read more about it (and the story behind it!) here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coolidge_effect

* I had never drunk rose wine (i don’t know how to type in an accent….that should be pronounced like rose-ay!). Ashley brought it down on Friday night and we went through a whole body. It was delicious!


* I had never seen a melted grill dial before! Chris’s parents didn’t tell him that something was wrong with the grill and all of a sudden he noticed the dial was on fire! Luckily we had some water on hand and this was the result. Crazy!!


* I had never used shutterfly before. I’m really excited to see how what I made came out! Subsequently, I had never asked Dante to help me on a photo project 🙂

* I had never donated money to an ALS foundation before. Christine nominated me to take part in the ice bucket challenge. Simply put, I just didn’t feel like dumping ice cubes on my head….I hate feeling cold. So, I donated money to the Pete Frates #3 group. You can also contribute here: http://petefrates.com/

* Remember how last week I tried making a candle out of an orange? (….but I was too impatient and ended up just singeing it?!) Well it worked this week!!! Look at this on-fire beaut:


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