I cooked beets! (And lit an orange on fire)

Karla came over last week and brought some beets with her, but I couldn’t get around to cooking them until this past Monday. I decided to make a roasted beet salad.

First I cut the tops off of the beets and scrubbed them.

blog raw beets

Then I roasted them in the oven for about an hour in some foil. When they were done I peeled them, cut them up, and made a salad.

blog beet salad

It was delish!!!!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never tried starburst minis before! Kevin and Heather hated them. I found them OK. But I also never eat candy and am probably a bad judge of taste.

blog starburst minis

* I had never drunk the most ridiculous glass of wine ever. Dad needed space in the fridge, so he asked me to finish what was the left in the bottle. Heh. Good times.

blog big glass wine

* I had never gotten mail addressed to both Dante and I!

* I had never worn shorts for an interview. It wasn’t a real interview (just part of an application), but I figured I didn’t have to wear a full body business attire since they couldn’t see my bottom half……right??

blog business attire

* I had never tried Blue Moon’s Honey Wheat. Kristen helped me imbibe.

blog harvest moon

* I had never seen the huge margarita dispenser at Margaritaville go off.

* I had never worn heels and a dress to camp before! Jenn, Catherine, and I stopped by camp to say hi after Amy’s bridal shower. It was mass pandemonium but hilarious and we REALLY STUCK OUT hahaha

Blog heels at camp

* I had never had two accent nails painted on my nails before! This was Kristen’s suggestion:

Blog 2 accent nails

* I had never attempted to make a candle out of an orange before. Basically, you cut an orange in half, scoop out the flesh, and leave the white part in the middle (it’ll become the wick).

blog orange candle

Then, pour in a kitchen oil (like olive oil) and light the wick on fire!

Unnnnnnfortunately, I didn’t realize that you have to let the orange parts dry out before lighting it. Soooooo, basically I singed an orange. I shall dry it out this week and attempt again in a few days!

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