I drove the speed limit!

This one might make you giggle. SERIOUSLY?!!!! You might ask.

But I pose this question to you: have you actually tried it?!!


To get to the highway from where I live in my town, you have to travel down a one-laned road for about 12 minutes before it becomes two lanes. Therefore, if you get stuck behind a little old lady who goes the speed limit, you’re screwed…you might as well get comfy in your super hot leather seat because you’re goin’ NOWHERE! This happened to me last week and I thought to myself “huh! I wonder what it’s like to drive the speed limit all the time?” And that’s how this idea was born.

So how’d it go? Well, I was late to work the next morning (most of my commute is 55, not the standard 65 found in other parts of the state). And suburban mothers on a mission can be TERRIFYING creatures. On my first commute back after work, I was hounded by a mom in a white SUV. I thought that she was going to drive OVER MY CAR, like one of those monster trucks that crushes all those little cars in its way. Luckily she turned after two minutes, but I don’t think she was very happy with me!

speed limit sign

I think the hardest part about this task was the need to be mentally present while driving to maintain the correct speed. Doesn’t that sound terrifying? It’s not to say that I was so spaced out that I wouldn’t have known if I needed to stop for an emergency or something, but I definitely do not think about my speed on a normal basis while I’m driving my car. I could only track the speed of my car by regularly checking my speedometer (which I had to do about every 30 seconds or else I’d start to forget and the speed would creep back up again).

But I did learn a few things:
1. Speed limit signs are posted REALLY FREQUENTLY. I really never had to travel far before there was a reminder for me.
2. Each state sets their own limits. (This explained why people drove SO SLOW in Hawaii!) For a brief explanation as to who sets the limits and why, check out this blog here: http://talkingtransportation.blogspot.com/2013/02/who-sets-speed-limits-on-our-highways.html
3. The hardest part was definitely following the slower limits. I found that I consistently wanted to go 10mph over the limit at the lower speed, but didn’t have a super hard time following the speed limit at faster speeds.
4. There were more people that drove the speed limit than I thought. Besides crazy-mom-in-white-SUV, and maybe a few others that NEED-TO-BE-THERE-RIGHT-NOW, most people were behind me at a comfortable distance, also going the speed limit. Perhaps speeders are less prevelant than I thought, but just garner more attention because of their speed? Hrm! How about you guys? Do you find yourselves going within 5 mph of the limit? Or are you speed demons?

Other notable firsts:

* I had never been the last table out of the Black Sheep on their Tuesday trivia night. My friend Krystina came to join us (it was her first time at trivia!) and Dante also brought along his friend, Dustin, who was hilarious. Combined with Heather and Christine, I thought that we did pretty well! (And had a hilarious time!)

* Speaking of trivia, I had never run into a former student of mine at the trivia that I host in East Haddam! One of my freshman trumpets popped in on Wednesday with her mom and grandmother. We both got really excited haha.

* I had never been to a Dr’s office that ONLY PLAYED BOY BANDS in their waiting room. It was fascinating.

* I had never seen the TV show Monk. It was pretty hilarious…we met his brother, who had MORE idiosyncracies than he did!

* I had never seen an episode of Law & Order from 1992! Helloooooo to pay phones, shoulder pads, non-cordless phones, and ridiculous computers! Also crazy to see Chris Noth (Mr. Big), Paul Sorvino (the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding), and the mom from Home Alone.

* I had never had Rachel, Karla, Hunter, and Lori down to the beach before! Karla and her kids came down on Wednesday (and brought BEETS!!!) and Rachel came down with Jill, Jess, and Emily on Thursday. Here’s one of us on Thursday (Rachel and Em$ look cute. I’m awkwardly waving after just redicovering the pose from “I’m a little teapot.”):

LMC ladies at beach

I had also never been complimented on my ability to understand children’s developmental stages before. This actually meant a lot and was a pretty big smiling point over the last few days. Thanks Jess!

* I had never had so many readers read my blog in a month before! Very surprised, grateful, and thankful to all readers who stopped by this month! 🙂

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