I went to the Deep River muster!

No, it was not the state’s largest convention dealing with mustard, silly!

It was Deep River’s annual muster!!!

The third weekend of every July, fife and drum corps from all over the world gather to march in a long parade, show off at a bandstand (aka the town’s baseball field), and generally just hang out and take about fifing, drumming, and having fun. My friend Tessa pointed me to this event for a few reasons. The first is that she grew up in the town, and the second is that she grew up in the fife and drum culture. Her grandfather (dad’s dad) started the town junior fife and drum corps, and her family started their own corps, called “Vic’s Kids” after him. Here’s a picture of her family members marching in their corps:

Blog Vics Kids

There was even a corps all the way from Switzerland! They marched as 3 separate groups. Here’s a pic of the one with ALL THE SNARES EVERRRRR

Blog Snare drums

My favorite group definitely was the group that Tessa’s dad marched with. Their corps was technically called “The Mariners,” but everyone just called them the pirates. A few of them even marched barefoot!! (Including her awesome dad!) The man running around in front of them was sort of their hype man. Here’s a video I took of them marching by:

Another cool thing that I saw was how, at the end of the parade, a bunch of different people from different corps all joined together and marched. It was pretty cool to see all the different costumes/uniforms together.

This little subculture is so cool! I saw REALLY LITTLE kids as members of some corps, and they were already ridiculous snare drummers. The respect shown between corps was really awesome as well. For example, sometimes different corps members would walk back to the beginning of the parade (so that they could march in that big end corp). As they passed the different corps that were actively playing/marching, they took off their hats and saluted them as a sign of respect.

This was awesome to watch and kind of made me want to join one. And by kind of, I actually mean that I want to march in one.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never gone to an event centering around my cousin Mike’s wedding. His bride-to-be, Lizzie, had her bridal shower today and it was so much fun. It’s going to be a ridiculous wedding!

* I had never played on a trivia team with my parents and two of their friends. We met Roland and Linda out at The Brazen Hen for dinner and trivia. They were awesome to play with….great collaboration!

* I had never used “it rained” as an excuse to not go to the gym. I promptly got home, and then made myself use my mother’s pilates machine as punishment for not going to the gym. Within minutes, I was tangled up in the hand ropes with my knees above my ears. Well done.

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