I made a homemade Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

I was so excited when I realized this week that I have never made my own candy bar! “What should I make?” I pondered.

I decided to go with a peanut butter cup for two reasons. One, it was my nickname in high school. As an incoming freshman, I had a meeting with the band director (one of the reasons I went into music) and when he realized that there was a senior named Caitlin Daly, he decided that he had to come up with a nickname for me, the incoming freshman. He asked what my middle name was. I hate when people ask me this, because I have two….do I answer with my first? With both? I never know! I replied that my first one was Rhys, and he said “like Reese’s peanut butter cup?!” And I said….yeah….sure. So I was known as “Peanut” during my four years at Windsor High School. He still calls me that whenever he sees me.

The second reason is that I have always wondered what makes Reese’s peanut butter different from regular peanut butter. It’s different…..but I never knew why! I figured out that butter and confectioners sugar make a huge difference!

I found the recipe here:


Basically, you melt some chocolate chips, then freeze them.

Then you make the Reese’s peanut butter, and scoop them over the frozen chocolate

Blog PB cups

Freeze those, and then melt more chocolate and scoop them over. In the end, you get a cup!!!

Blog finished PB

They were delicious. The texture was a bit different from the “real stuff,” but I think that’s just because I froze them.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never had a bird crap *IN* my car before. Remind me not to leave my driver’s side window down in the summer.

Blog bird crap

As a weird side note, I found two dead birds in our yard this week and had to throw them away in the trash. Weird and slightly disturbing!

* I had never eaten at Thai Sawasdee in Groton before. Dante took me there for a date night on Friday. Delicious! I had also never eaten “spice #2,” or the 2nd spiciest option on their spice scale. I’m gonna say 2 is probs my limit in terms of spice-hotness.

* I had never been written about in the paper for my blog!!!!!! I was contacted by the New London Day for a column called “Tell Me Something” that is found in the paper’s Grace magazine. (My friend Kevin, my “trivia boss” and owner of the record player that I learned on, was also interviewed for the column a few weeks ago and passed along my name).

This was definitely one of the more exciting moments in my life and it can be read here:


* I had never seen a cow wearing a sweater before! As an after-effect of the newspaper article, a woman named Ellen contacted me when she heard that I have been looking for a cow to milk for about a year now. She explained that her sister owns a farm in Portland, OR (http://meyercreekfarm.com) and that I could probably milk a cow there if I wanted to. She also told me that her sister owned a cow that gave birth sometime this past year, and the calf was born hypothermic so they put it in a sweater to warm it up. It was adorable!

Blog cow sweater

* I had never worked as a one-on-one para before as my REAL JOB. While I subbed in for a few paras during my internship, I started working with a 12 year old autistic girl on Monday. I’ve already learned a ridiculous amount in four days and think she’s amazing.

* I had never been Jordan’s date for a whole day! Our first stop was Hannah’s wedding (I’ve also never been to a Glenister wedding), where we selfie-bombed the bride with our Laurel lady lovin’

Blog wedding selfie

I had also never seen so many cookies! The reception was PACKED WITH THEM!!!

Blog cookie table

We then went out to Heidi’s high school graduation party, which was a ton o’ fun (but I forgot to take a pic with Heidi. GAH!!!!) Here’s Jordan and I on our way there:

Blog post jordan

* I had never eaten nestertium before (pronounced nester-shum). Linda and Roland came to Trivia this past Wednesday (along with Charlie and Mary! I’ve never had extended family come to a trivia night!!) and brought along some greens from their garden. You can eat its flowers and leaves, and has a pretty peppery taste to it. It’ll spice up your salads in an awesome way!

Blog greens

* I had never taught anyone how to make a farting noise with a straw before. I learned it from Dante’s cooperating teacher when I met him in June. Basically, take a bendy straw….bend it…..then stick the long part into your armpit and blow into the short end. If your armpit is especially sticky, you can make some really good wet ones!! (I’m so mature).

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