I saw a woodpecker in action! (Among many other things at Laurel Music Camp…)

Holy moly it’s been three weeks since my last post! I’ve never done that before!! And, as seemingly fit for June 2014, a Sunday post didn’t work out, so here we are on a Monday. Maybe I can return to my Sunday posting schedule for July?!

Anywho, last week was spent at one of my favorite places on Earth, Laurel Music Camp. You may remember me talking about this place last year, when I held a duck (along with a billion other things).

As I reflect over this past week, I am struck by how much this camp plays such a large role in this blog. Karla got a shout-out on my “Why I started this” page, as she was the one that suggested a structure for how I’d keep the project going (posting once a week instead of every day). I remember Kyle telling me during my original 30 days that this project screamed to be made into a blog (and when Kyle tells you to do something….you do it, dammit!) Teresa absolutely MADE my modeling shoot come to life, Andy was an excellent sous-chef when I made a souffle, and there have been many adventures in Philly when visiting Em Cash.

What Laurel Music Camp is, then, is a place where you meet people who will enrich your life, in thousands of ways. They will help you grow, boost you up during your weak points, and celebrate with you during your good times. I think that what separates these friendships from others is how these friendships are formed – it’s not from moving along the same life path, or making the same decisions as everyone else, or working together all day/every day. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of almost every other form of friendship that is forged in the “real world.” It’s the knowledge that we DON’T travel the same life paths, that we DON’T think the same thoughts, and that we DON’T see each other all day/every day. In short, we bring ourselves to camp as different people with different thoughts, but one shared love – music. And that’s what Fellowship through Music means. We get to be FULLY OURSELVES, and embrace others being FULLY THEMSELVES because we have a shared love, passion, and vision for this beautiful week that we simply call “camp.”

On that note, just like last year, my week was jam-packed with many firsts. Here’s the list that I kept!:

* I had never “gotten adjusted” before. One of the senior staffers (who I get to sleep with all week! Woop Woop!) is in school learning how to be a chiropractor. She adjusted my spine twice, and it was awesome! My head felt very light after the little snap, and I think I sat up straighter, too!

My before shot:

My after shot:

* I had never had a visitor come to camp before! Dante came to visit on Sunday afternoon and stayed for dinner. Damon was hilarious and welcomed him so very warmly hahaha. He loved camp and was happy that he came! I was excited that I got to introduce him 🙂

* I had never eaten dark side skittles before! Bridget, Em $, and I were hanging out during an afternoon rec and Bridget bought a bag of them at the Trading Post. They were like Skittles+….super intense flavors. Delicious!

* I had never worn my glasses so much during camp. I was super broke the week before camp and couldn’t afford to buy more contacts. To make sure that I’d be able to wear my contacts at the concert, I decided that I’d wear my glasses in the afternoons to reduce the chances of tears/dirt/rips etc. Matthew didn’t even recognize me the first time that I wore them! I HATE wearing my glasses, but at least I got to wear my contacts to the concert! (And I didn’t have to go without either my glasses or contacts again!)

* I had never played in the jazz band or sung in the choir! When I was a camper/JC, I was shared between the Orchestra and Band since I played the most popular instrument known as the bassoon. Jeremy let me sit in on a choir rehearsal one morning, where I sang next to the amazing Corinne Marshall. I attempted to break away from her alto 1 lines a few times and sing the alto 2 lines. Surprisingly, I did it!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Singing in choir

As for jazz band, I was trying to figure out how I could be of service….I played bari sax in jazz band in high school, but didn’t have one just lying around at camp. I was thinking about asking Kyle-the-younger if I could borrow his alto sax, but wasn’t sure how well that’d go over. A perfect opportunity presented itself when Gary decided he wanted to hear what a piece would sound like if its clave part was played! I yelled “Put me in coach!” and got to tap out some fun during a rehearsal.


* I had never drunk any of Cliff’s coffee. It’s world famous for being better than boyscout coffee! Em $ would only let me have half a cup though. (probs a good choice!)


* I had never heard an audition like the one Vinny prepared for me. Amazing can’t even describe what occurred.

* I had never been a part of the dining hall transformation team before! Nhung tried to explain how to set up the benches, but I couldn’t understand until I actually did it. Glad I could help out!

* I had never learned the cha cha before! Joann visited on Tuesday afternoon and taught me how to move my feet (slow-slow-fastfastfast). Bridget and I were doing it at the dance on Thursday, but I was trying to figure out how my arms were supposed to move (as an Irish dancer, I have NO CLUE how to use my arms while dancing!!!). So I asked Cameron to step in and help me out. He did a great job, but I’m so uncoordinated that I started kneeing his knees by accident. I have a feeling ballroom dancing is probs not in my future….

* I had never tried pickles with peanut butter. Nikki swore that this is the best food combo ever, so I gave it a whirl. I’m not going to say it was terrible, but I’m not going to say it was good, either. It just…..was.


* I had never had a beer bought for me by Gary Blu! Nicest beer delivered by the nicest person 🙂

* I had never broken a board, karate-style!!! Jill is a senior staffer with a 3rd degree black belt, and told me that she had two boards in her car that I could learn how to break. Of course I had to try!!! It didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it was going to, and I was able to give the left over boards to the Handicraft staff to use with their wood carving merit badge classes.

Bridget took the video and we’ve been conferencing all day to see how we can get it on youtube, but it’s just not possible. Here’s the link to the facebook video, but I have no idea if that will work. If not, you can see it on her page!

Before/after photos:


* I had never kissed a camper on the cheek for his birthday with Bridget (I did it with Jenn last year after an epically missed high-five!). Jared was so tall, however, that we needed some extra support from Nathan and Andy!


* I had never seen a woodpecker in action! When Dante came to visit, I took him to one of my favorite spots in camp and we happened to run into a woodpecker. It was hilarious. He took a video of the mystical creature, but we’re also having problems trying to figure out how to upload it from his phone. If we ever figure it out, I’ll be sure to post it!

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