I deposited (attempted) a check in the bank drive-thru!

I think I might need some help in the future on this one, because this one was an utter failure!!!

So Dante needed to deposit a pay check that he received on Friday, but was in training all day for his summer job on Saturday. We realized that a branch of his bank was in Niantic, so I told him that I would deposit it for him.

But when I got there, the lobby wasn’t open….they only have drive-up tellers on Saturday mornings!

So I decided to brave the fact that I didn’t know a blessed thing about how to deposit a check using one of those shuttle-thingies, except for some random memories about a 2nd grade field trip that I took in Windsor.


When I got up to the machine, I thought that I’d be greeted by someone talking through the machine, and then I could ask them for help. But nobody said anything! I realized there was a button that said “call,” so I tried pushing that.


……but it didn’t help at all!

Then I realized the camera that was there, so I tried waving my arms around saying “hello!”

……but that didn’t help either!

So after a full minute of waving my arms, pushing buttons, and yelling “hello!” I gave up and drove off.

If someone ever checked the security footage, they’d sure have a great laugh!!!!

Maybe someday I’ll attempt this again with someone much more knowledgeable than I!!!!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never attempted to do the senior staff housing on the beach before. Things got a bit….sandy….


* I had never watched a blooper reel from “Whose Line is it Anyway?” It was a whopping 45 mins long, but we ended up watching the whole thing because it was so ridiculous! The guys were WAY raunchier than they showed on TV!!!!

* I had never read the book “What Should I do with my Life?” by Po Bronson. I was walking through the local library on Monday and decided just to read whatever book I stopped on. I pulled this book out and said “Seriously?!!!” I read it in just over a day and loved it. He interviewed 900 people who attempted to answer this question, sometimes multiple times, throughout their lives. He learned basic things that are false presumptions that many people have:

(1) That money is the shortest route to freedom.

(2) That we can think (or analyze) our way to an answer of where we belong.

(3) That we are autonomous from the environment that surrounds us.

(4) That our biggest obstacles are external, rather than internal.

Good lord, did I need to read that book right now.

* (left over from last week!) I had never been to the afternoon part of a body building competition. Last year, I went to my best friend Chris’s competition, but I only saw the morning routine, what they call pre-judging. This is what really matters in the competition. In the afternoon, they have a bit more fun and perform a short little routine to a musical selection that they chose. Chris did a GREAT job and placed third (if I remember correctly!) Here’s a photo he took with Dante and I (apparently I didn’t get the memo that we were supposed to flex our muscles!)


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