I made my own almond milk!

I’ve wanted to try this for a while, as I’ve usually downed almond milk whenever I’ve bought it in stores.

First, I soaked almonds for about a day and a half in some water so that they’d soak it up and get extra juicy. I wish I had saved an almond so I could compare the soaked vs. non-soaked nuts, but I forgot. Drats! They were huge, though!


After optimum-soaking time, I drained that water, and added one cup of nuts with two cups of water into the blender and sauced ’em for about a minute. Then, I strained that mixture to get all the nut dust out of there. (I tasted it with the nut dust….BLEGGHHHHH!!!!)


Afterwards, I added a bit of vanilla extract to it to sweeten it up.


I still have some soaked almonds left over, so I can make some more (freshly made almond milk only lasts a few days), and it tasted….OK. I think, with its texture, that it might be amazing frozen or made into a smoothie/icy-slushy mixture. I will have to try this sometime this week. But it was cheaper than buying almond milk and pretty easy to make!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never made a 90s soundtrack for a student before! One of my senior boys was sitting in the tech lab this past Tuesday and all of a sudden said “Miss Daly, have you ever heard of this band?! They’re awesome!!!” He was listening to No Doubt. My jaw dropped and I said “Seriously? You’ve never heard of them?!” and he said he was just discovering 90s music. He had now heard Radiohead and Pearl Jam but wanted to learn more. So I took a trip down memory lane these past few days and threw together a CD for him that features Alanis, the Cranberries, Hootie, Sheryl Crow, and billions of other artists that made up my middle school and early high school years. Good God do I feel old!!!

* On that note, I had never realized that Sublime was from California. LISTEN, OK?!!!! For some reason I knew that Long Beach was in California (duhhhhh, Snoop Dogg is one of my favessssss), but I couldn’t place Sublime and Snoop Dogg in the same area, so in my head I moved Sublime’s Long Beach over to Florida. If you had asked me before yesterday where Sublime was from, I would have said Florida. Stop laughing.

* I had never attempted to make a manhattan before. I tried making one for my mom on Friday afternoon. I used extra dry vermouth instead of sweet vermouth and used the wrong kind of whiskey. You can imagine how horrible it was.

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