I was acknowledged in a book!

When I was working on my Masters in Hawaii, I had the world’s greatest thesis advisor, Dr. McQuiston. She taught a few of my courses and was AMAZING….she set up the course in a way that allowed me to make my own connections and think that I was BRILLIANT! After I finished my thesis and began teaching the music appreciation course, she developed into my first mentor teacher…someone I could turn to and ask “why didn’t they get it?!”

After THAT semester and my subsequent move back home, she also provided me with an awesome opportunity to help her out and make a bit of money at the same time. She was in the process of writing her book, and since she’s a (brilliant) musicologist, she proves her points with text AND musical examples. She hired me to input the musical examples that she needed into Finale, and then convert them into an EPS file, which apparently made it possible for her publishing company’s editors to do things with them. (I’m so technologically savvy, aren’t I?!)

I recently got back in contact with her because I needed an update on her letter of recommendation since I’m going through another round of job searches. After our e-mails, I realized that I had never looked up her book, which officially came out this past fall. It is called “We’ll Meet Again: Musical Design in the Films of Stanley Kubrick.” In Amazon’s descriptive blurb, it says, “We’ll Meet Again argues that, for Kubrick, music is neither post-production afterthought nor background nor incidental, but instead is core to films’ effects and meanings.” I need to read this when I have more than an hour of free time (when this will happen again, I may never know!)

Anywho, Amazon had a “look inside’ feature, and I checked out the acknowledgements page. Sure enough, there I sure was, along with a good buddy of mine, Jen. I can’t tell what I’m more proud of — the fact that I studied under the ridiculously smart human being that came up with the concept for this book, or just the fact that she mentioned my name baaahahaha.

Either way, I thought it was pretty awesome and wanted to share.

Picture 14

Other notable firsts:

* I had never heard of George Carlin’s character, “The Hippy Dippy Weatherman.” Uhhhh, hilarious.

* I had never witnessed a “promprosal” before. Apparently high school boys nowadays think of outlandish ways in which to ask girls to prom. Junior prom is coming up in a week or two and so I saw two promposals in action (I keep wanting to call them “promgagements.”) On Monday, one of the students who does the morning news every morning promposed to a girl by doing it in the news instead of his news job. Every morning, he’s supposed to say “On this date in history….” but on Monday he said “on this date, in 2014, 5 minutes from now, Kathleen will accept my promposal.” Awwwwwwww!!! The second promposal was more in depth. A tuba player in the wind ensemble has been working on this plan for a few weeks – he gathered up background singers, a small backup band, and sang “Brown-Eyed Girl” with lyrics that talked about the prom and sung it to the girl in front of an entire lunch wave. Both were amazing…I’m so thankful these weren’t around in high school, not like any of them would have applied to me anyways. (Hooray for being a shy nun-wannabe!)

* I had never tried eating “peel and eat” shrimp before. They were covered in Old Bay, which got on your fingertips while you were peeling, subsequently spicing the shrimp. Delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

* I had never tried conducting something in one before (instead of in “three”). Uhhhhh. I think saying that I failed would be kind. A valiant attempt, at least!

* I had never played an accordion in front of my students before! My last unit with them during the next week and a half deals with triads. I decided to make their last performance task super fun, and since the accordion’s left-side buttons are laid out in the circle fifths by rows and quality of chord by columns, I thought that it would be a great culmination of everything they’ve learned over the past few months. Four out of five of them were super excited when they saw it, and one stayed after for TWO HOURS on Friday to attempt to learn how to play the Zelda theme on it. That made me feel pretty damn awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

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