I made a house of cards! (sorta…)

A year or two ago, Peter Holby was home for one of his annual Christmas-time visits and I sat with him, enthralled, while he attempted to make a house of cards. As far as I know, I don’t think I attempted to build one that day (although I have definitely been corrected on many matters that I thought I hadn’t done before).

Anywho, I decided to give it a whirl while I was at lunch with Dante earlier today. He provided the deck, as I couldn’t find any in my house.

He got the hang of it way before I did! My attempts kept collapsing. I had to google some suggestions, and one helpful one was placing the cards with the long side down instead of short side. This helped a lot, and Dante also told me to start adding one at a time in an “S” shape first instead of trying to make a box right away.

Bases like this one made it easier:


Unfortunately, trying to build a delicate house of cards in a public restaurant is not exactly easy. Any time a person walked by or opened the door, the structure would collapse due to the “wind” gusts. This is the farthest that I ended up getting, but I’m really proud of it!!!


Maybe I’ll try again when I’m home one day.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never texted with Amy when she was a mom! Congratulations on the birth of Charlotte Amelia yesterday. I’m so excited to meet her! 🙂

* I had never tried Tofurkey bologna before! Or for that matter, ANY kind of bologna! I never tried “the real stuff” before going veg almost 20 years ago. It was delicious and salty and reminded me of hot dogs! (I think)


* I had never heard a DJ pronounce Rihanna’s name the correct way on the radio before! Everyone says it “Ree-ON-na,” but she actually pronounces it “Ree-ANN-na.” Don’t believe me? Youtube it!

* I had never heard of Ed Hardy before. Dante tells me he’s some kind of fashion designer?

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