I tried coconut pulling!

I had seen this term being passed around on facebook through articles that people had posted after reading them. I was so confused about the term coconut pulling. Why would you want to pull coconuts? How do you pull them apart? Who invented this idea?

After reading through one, I realized people did it for health reasons. Coconut oil (and other oils like olive oil) supposedly help to relieve a whole bunch of health problems, from bad breath to sinusitis to headaches. I’m always a skeptic when it comes to people claiming that a homeopathic something-or-other supposedly works wonders (sometimes I think people just like to get other people to do weird things). So I decided to give it a try.

The articles said using organic is the best, and we just happened to have some organic coconut oil in our cabinet (I have absolutely no idea why).


You’re supposed to take about a tablespoon of the oil, sort of let it melt in your mouth, and then swish it around your mouth like mouthwash for 20 minutes.


Apparently, the oil picks up a bunch of toxins from your body and then expels them when you spit the oil out.

So what do I think?

Welp, it could be a ridiculous coincidence, but I don’t have a perpetually stuffy nose in the morning! I’ve only been doing it for 4 days, but I seriously woke up on the first morning with no stuffy nose. That NEVER happens. Blowing my nose is a normal part of my daily routine. So HOORAY for that!

Other than that, I don’t really get a lot of head aches, so I’m not sure about the rest of the claims, but I’m a believer for the stuffy nose claims for sure!!

It’s also kind of zen-like to just sit and swish for 20 minutes. It’s kind of relaxing!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never had a mint coolata from dunkin’ before. And I got great customer service to boot! They were really slow, and when I asked the first guy what he thought about the new mint coolatas, he said “Well, to be honest, I hate mint!” So I laughed hysterically and thanked him for his honesty. Then one of his co-workers said that he could make me a sample of it, so he did, and then the first guy said that they could even add in mocha and make it taste thin-minty!! I said ‘No WAY!!!’ and then I got ANOTHER sample of that, and finally ordered a medium (definitely could not finish it). Here’s a pic of all of my cups haha (oh, and Dante playing a thumb war, too)….


* I had never read an article on how to not give a flying thought as to what people think about you. It had really great advice, and this beautifully crafted sentence: “It is a sad realization, but an honest one: most people are more comfortable with self-loathing then they are with the possibility of a minor offense to someone else.” I sat with that one heavy in my head for a few minutes. It’s both a blessing and a curse that I attempt to please others. Their joy gives me joy, and lots of it. But if I think about how many things I’ve done for others vs. how many I’ve done for myself (and how different my life would be if I stopped!), it’s the disappointment that others will feel/judge me for that makes my heart skip a beat. This will be an interesting year, that’s for sure!


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