I hosted a trivia game!

I discovered the trivia night held at the Black Sheep during one of my trips back home while I lived in Hawaii. It sounded fun, and so I made my brother, Kiernan, tag along with me to check it out. It was super fun, and I always made it a point to make it to a few of the games while I was home. After I moved back, I made it a point to go much more often, and started introducing different friends to the game. We always enjoyed the hosts’ hilarious stories and quick comebacks and excellent music choices.

Flash forward a year or so to last December. It’s my first meeting with all of the people who are starting the teaching program with me. I’m watching everybody walk in to see if I know any faces, and in walks……TRIVIA GUY???!!!!!! It turns out the host had been subbing for years in the area and was going to get his history certification! Turns out his name is Kevin, he has his lovely wife, Jenn, and they have become awesomely hilarious amazing friends over the past year and a half. (It was his record player that I played a few weeks ago!)

Kevin and Jenn have been expanding their TriviAcademy brand of trivia across southeastern CT over the past few years, and were looking for hosts for their newest “campus.” We had sort of brought it up informally a few months ago, but it was definitely cinched a few weeks ago and last Wednesday was my first night!

BOY WAS I NERVOUS!!!!! I’m pretty painfully shy by nature, and this was definitely going to be outside my comfort zone. Also, Kevin is known for his quick wit and I think people sort of expect that whenever a new campus opens. But I’m not quick witted (as I say every year in the LMC video….) I’m goofy and self-deprecating. I was nervous about how teams would react! I think that I did OK, and I figured as long as I’m myself consistently, the teams will get used to my different style of hosting. One of the questions dealt with Punky Brewster, so I wore my hair in a side ponytail for the remainder of the game in solidarity.

All in all, it went OK! Tessa was my scorekeeper, and we work pretty well together as a team! I drank a beer after the first round and she said I should have drunk it BEFORE we started, so I’ll have to keep that in mind for next week.

SO! Wanna see me in action?!!! Come on down to “On the Rocks,” which is the restaurant at the Fox Hopyard golf course in East Haddam. It starts at 7pm SHARP, every Wednesday, and I’ll probably have you out of there by 9. It’s a BEAUTIFUL restaurant, and the staff is super friendly and awesome and the food looks amazing!!! COME ON DOWN!!!!!!

I totally forgot to take a picture of me behind the hosting table, but here’s a selfie of me holding a mic in case you were super curious:


Other notable firsts:

* I had never seen any part of Les Miserables before. Unfortunately, I completely missed the message that there was a SECOND HALF to the musical, and they had run out of programs, so I walked out on the second half. This has become the second dumbest thing that I’ve ever done. You know how there are people that are super book smart and some that are super common sense smart? I’m book smart, all the way. I can tell you every fact you’ve ever wanted to know. But when it comes to something that is common sense-based, I’m dumber than a box of birds. Scratch that….make that TWO boxes. Some day I’ll get to see the whole musical! (The cast and pit and set was pretty amazing!)

* I had never seen a Ritz cracker folded in half. So cool!


* I had never tried sea salt caramel in ice cream. AGH! DELICIOUS!!


* I had never learned how to play the clarinet! I doubled on bass clarinet for one song in jazz band in high school (I played bari sax normally), but I had never attempted to play a standard Bb clarinet. After sounding like a squeaking squirrel for 20 excruciating minutes, I finally figured out how to produce a somewhat acceptable tone. Kinda…


* I had never been to middle school basketball tournament before. Heather and I went to support Old Saybrook’s girls team on Saturday. The girls remembered me and came rushing over to say hi. They played a GREAT game and won against Preston. I couldn’t stay for the second game, which Heather told me they lost, but it’s double elimination so they’ll get to play next weekend, too.

* I had never known how buffalo sauce is made. Dante informed me that it melted butter and hot sauce. Never knew!!!

* I had never driven through Lyme before. My school is technically Regional School District 18 because it combines two towns. I had driven through Old Lyme plenty of times, but when I drove through Lyme on Wednesday on the way up to trivia, I was SHOCKED to be driving through a literal cow town! Farms and green pastures and wide open land….I never knew!!!

* I had never known the name Avicii before. He’s the guy who sings “Wake me up when it’s all over…..”

* I had never been to the Hideaway (a restaurant in Old Lyme) for brunch before….$3 bloody marys and $2.75 egg special??!!! YES PLEASE!!!

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