I went ice fishing!

Tessa and I decided to get together this weekend with Kevin and Jenn to talk about our upcoming trivia hosting gig that starts this week (On the Rocks! at Fox Hopyard golf course in East Haddam, CT! 7:00pm! Be there!!!) I asked her what her plans were to figure out what time we were all going to meet up, and she said that Josh (her boyfriend) and his brother were going fishing at early on Sunday morning, so she was pretty much free all the way up until she had to hike at 2:30.

“FISHING?!!” …. but it was cold! There was ice! How were they going to…… OHHHHH!!!! ICE FISHING!!!!!!

Yep, never done that before! So of course I asked if we could pop by and I could give it a whirl.

So over we went to “Lake X” (location stays hidden! it’s their secret!!) to check out how it all works. Josh and his brother had been there since 7am!!!


I watched as his brother, Jay, drilled small holes into the ice. They set up these contraptions called “tip ups” which are BRILLIANT! If a fish pulls on the string, it sets off the spring and sends the orange flag up in the air so that they don’t have to stand over the hole for the whole time.


We also used short poles specifically designed for ice fishing. It had a lure at the end that they called a “jig” (which of course I remember because of Irish step dancing). Josh told me to sort of jerk my wrist up every little bit to attract the fish. Every time that the jig settled back down, it would tug slightly on the pole and I’d think to myself “I CAUGHT ONE!!!!”…But I didn’t. Womp womp!



I still had lots of fun and learned a crapton. Woo Hoo!!!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never bought a box of clarinet reeds for myself before. One of the students is going to teach me clarinet and violin! Hooray!!

* I had never helped out at trivia before. Normally I just play, but this week I went to train and I ended up being the scorekeeper because Jenn couldn’t make it. Woof! So much to concentrate on! But still fun to be on the “other side of the table.” Can’t wait for this Wednesday when Tessa and I run the table!

* I had never seen an old guy with corn rows. I couldn’t get out my phone fast enough to take a picture! Imagine Einstein with corn rows. Now you know why I was enthralled.

* I had never heard of a writer named Tucker Max. He wrote a book called “I hope they serve beer in hell.” Dante showed it to me when we went to the book barn after brunch yesterday. At first I thought I was going to hate it, since it was about, well…..a kinda douchey party animal who was just capitalizing on his drunken stories. But then I read the first story. HILARIOUS. Is he an idiot? Yes. But his stories are amazing. I think I’d like to collect my zaniest stories and do something like that. Anybody interested in reading my memoirs?!

* I had never learned a valuable lesson about using rubrics in the classroom. So this past Monday, my regular-level theory kids were working on a performance task that was basically writing a rhythmic piece that included a bunch of concepts we had been talking about/studying. One of the items on the rubric was that they had to label their specific rhythms that they were including. Last Friday (their last day to work on it in class), one of the groups asked “Miss Daly, are we done?” and it looked great so I said “yes.” BUT, I realized that they hadn’t included the labeling after their performance and when I collected it. But it wasn’t fair to take off a point from their score because they had asked me and I had said they were fine. So I crossed out that line on the rubric. Lesson learned….the next time students ask me if they’re done, I’ll say “Check the rubric!”

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