I played Minecraft!

I have never been what one calls a “gamer.” We weren’t allowed to have video games growing up, so the only skill that I had when I randomly picked up a controller at a friend’s house was button-mashing. I was the world’s BEST button masher. There were a few times when my mashes would unlock secret codes that my friends had been trying to uncover for months, and even sporadic times when I would beat friends just because of my fierce ability to push “A” (and not have a darned clue why I was pushing it!)

I got snowed in with Dante after a party early Saturday afternoon, so while looking around his house to find something to do for the blog, I remembered that he is a huge gamer. The first game that came to mind was “Minecraft,” and I asked if he had it.

Of course he did!

There are two settings you can choose from…a world where you just build things (and don’t get attacked), or the “real game,” where you start the game during the day time, and then have to find resources to build some kind of a shelter before darkness (because things attack you at night). I wanted the full experience, so I chose the attack-world option.

Ummmmmm….bad choice. I was terrible. Button mashing could not save me here. The hardest part of it was that it was first-person view, meaning you had to keep swiveling your head around to make sure that nothing was around you. I prefer the Mortal Kombat style, where the two fighters are on the screen and you can see everything.

This is my favorite video of the few that we took of me playing. You’ll see me die twice, and freak out in the process because I simply can’t determine which button to hit when. I died by spider-attack and a zombie-attack (while in the water….I didn’t even know there was water to my left!!!) Dante’s commentary/directions are hilarious during the entire video, but the funniest part is towards the end, after about 2:15ish.

After about 30 minutes of playing in this world, I was wiped. I kept dying, breaking my leg, and running out of supplies before nightfall. And the monsters made really scary noises!!! Also, the music did not match the action of the game. I really liked the dreamy-ness of the chords, but it didn’t change at all when a killer spider was trying to suck your face off. It confused my brain even more!

So Dante and I switched to a 2-person game, and played in the world where you just have to build things and nobody attacks you. We started building this awesome house on a cliff that overlooks the water, with a glass ceiling and big windows and blue walls. Super fancy! (The top half of the screen is an aerial view, and the bottom half is standing in the living room).


Now if only real life functioned that way.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never made shrimp fra diavlo before!

* I had never made a puzzle before! (It was Dante’s Valentine’s Day present)

* I had never been to a military welcome-home party before. My friend Julia threw a party for her boyfriend, Thomas, who just got home after being on the USS Virginia (a submarine) for 6 months. That’s amazing and I have no idea how you even do that!

* I had never had professional development as a student teacher before. I spent my Friday afternoon working on things because the high school is up for accreditation this year. I never thought my thesis-writing skills would come in handy again, but boy did they!!!

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