I played a record on a record player!

I know! I think I just heard the collective gasp of “WHAT?! YOU’VE NEVER DONE THAT?!!!!” Yes! …..but no longer.

I’ve been wanting to make this one happen for a LONG time now. I think I tried to make it a part of the original 30 days, but a friend’s needle had just broken and therefore it wouldn’t be an authentic experience.

In a random twist of fate, I ran in to use Kevin and Jenn’s bathroom after our trip home last night. Kevin was talking about playing a record and I screamed “You have a RECORD PLAYER?!!!” and, after fully recovering from the shreiking blast to his eardrums, Kevin confirmed that he did, indeed, have a record player. Cue an extra hour and a half at their house, learning about this wonderous machine and how to work it.

He explained that the rings around the record are where the songs start. So all you have to do is count the rings to get to the track that you want! Way easier than I thought!!

blog post record

blog post me close to player

blog post me with player

We jammed out to the Beatles (to commemorate their 50th anniversary of coming to America), Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, and many others that I can’t remember!

blog post me dancing

Other notable firsts:

* I had never seen the Pirates of Penzeanse! LOLHS put it on as their musical this past weekend. They were fantastic and it was great. Also, the musical featured a ridiculous amount of the characters saying the word “duty.” You can guess how that went with me in the audience.

* I had never asked for help from Music Teacher friends on a musical matter on facebook. I will have to do this more often, because in a matter of an hour, the problem was solved and I had 5 different ways to teach the skill. Amazing.

* I had never tried whipped cream vodka before. Delicious!

* I can’t remember if this is the same test that was passed around facebook a few weeks ago? I don’t remember. You should all look into, because this spot-on describes me and it kinda freaks me out that an amalgarhythm can be so accurate. MEHHH!!!!!


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