I made pizza crust out of cauliflower!

I know, I know….”WHAT?!!!” just came out of your mouth. Maybe your head is even tilted to the side, like a puppy dog trying to figure out why its owner is talking to him like a 2-month old.

Yep…you can make pizza crust out of cauliflower. It’s a healthier alternative to the traditional pizza crust, and still tastes amazing. Lex found this recipe on pinterest, and suggested we try it out since I was sleeping over her house on Saturday night. It was a great idea!


Start with a medium-sized head of cauliflower and food-process it until it’s kinda rice-like. (Excuse the glasses, my left eyeball was killing me last night!):


Cook it in the microwave for 5 mins, and then wring out as much moisture as you can:


Mix some spices and egg into the cauliflower, then smoosh into a round shape and bake in the oven for 15ish minutes until it crisps up:


Then cover with sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings and cook another few minutes until the cheese melts:


I tasted it and instantly fell in love! Delicious AND nutritious!


Other notable firsts:

* I had never used the shazam app before! I downloaded this on my mom’s iphone when she first got it a year or two ago, but we’ve never used it. A few days ago she asked who the artist was (after guessing matchbox 20, which she thinks EVERYTHING is), and I remembered she had it on her phone. It turned out it was Jet.

* I had never drank a guinness and angry orchard before. A lot of times I’ll order a Black and Blue (guinness and blue moon), but the waitress told me about this guinness and cider combo. I probably will NOT order it again. It tasted like sweet guinness, which was too weird for this Irish girl’s brain to comprehend.


* I had never heard of the “5 love languages.” The idea behind this test is to show you what you need to feel loved. If your significant other takes it, you can know what s/he needs to feel loved as well. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same “language” as your S.O….just the knowledge of what s/he needs will give you the tools to help him/her feel loved. My highest score was in the words category…i like to be told kind words of affection. The next three categories were all very high scoring as well. My lowest was the “gifts” category…I don’t need gifts/physical things to know someone loves me. You can take the test here:


* I had never gone to a happy hour at BB Shack in Branford. Kevin suggested we go here after our student teaching seminar on Thursday. They had a great happy hour…1/2 price martinis/wine/beer and appetizers. And it was nice to hang out with everyone again!

* I had never seen any part of the Godfather. It was on TV at Lex’s/Mike’s, and I got to see it starting about an hour into the first one, and watched a good hour and a half of the second. I’m normally not into bloody messes of movies, but the storyline is SO CAPTIVATING that it didn’t matter. I need to watch all three in one day!!

* I had never painted accent nails on my hands before! I got to see Kristen and Mary this morning for about 2 hours and I decided to try something that I had seen a few months ago when I was watching one of Kristen’s nail art videos. My accent nail features a white nail and then I took newspaper drenched in rubbing alcohol and transferred the print onto the nail. It came out so cool!!!! This picture was taken after Kristen had to clean up my hands…apparently my fine motor skills haven’t developed since age 2, meaning every tip of my fingers was COVERED in metallic blue polish, hahahaha.


* I had never gotten an on-the-phone pep talk from Karla. I am the WORST phone-talker in the world (too many distracting things), but I had gotten myself so verklempt over starting student teaching tomorrow that I needed a voice of reason. If you ever need a pep-talk, you should let me know, and I’ll put you in touch with the best pep-talker in the world. Just what I needed!

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