I got a professionally done hair style!

The last time I had my hair cut is when I did it myself last year. It came out nice….at least I thought!

Heather has been telling me about her great hair-stylist named Lindsey who works at the JC Penny in the nearby Crystal Mall. To help their hair stylists expand their client base, JC Penny allows them to hand out tickets for one free service (a free coloring/haircut/styling, etc.). So I decided to get my hair professionally styled, and see if it could come out better than the “layers” I gave myself.

When I first sat, Lindsey asked me what I was looking for and I said I’m a terrible girl and have no clue what is good for myself…I was basically giving her free reign over my hair, which I think any hairdresser feels good about. The only thing I asked for is that I wanted my hair to stay long (no pixie cuts, thankyouverymuch!) She trimmed bout 4 inches off of the dead ends and then cut my hair into layers! Then she straightened it and flipped the ends of the layers out. I walked away feeling like Kate Middleton!

Here’s Heather and I walking out at the end of our appointment:


And me a few hours later, still reveling in my Kate Middleton layers!


Lindsey was a total comedian besides being a great hair stylist. When she was trying to do the first couple snips of my hair, I had to stand up (because my hair was so long) and she needed to borrow a clip from the stylist at the station next to hers. She said “Hey! Can I borrow your clip? I’ve got Repunzal over here….” hahaha. Knowing me, I will probably not keep the style up, but if I ever need a trim/style in the future, I’d love to keep coming back to her!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never graduated with an M.S. before! Third masters, officially graduated/done with. Dad has been to so many by this point that he refused to go to the ceremony and just joined us for the after party instead. I don’t blame him!! Haha


* I had never used a rowing machine before! Heather found these two machines in the upstairs part of the big hall where we were graduating. We still had time to kill so we decided to try them out. Yep, in full graduation garb.

* I had never worn fleece-lined tights before. I had bought leggings, which were amazing, but the tights were KEY to surviving yesterday’s cold temperatures!


* I had never heard of a degree called “Humane Letters” before. One of the guys who was getting an honorary doctorate was receiving it in this subject. I’m intrigued. Definitely 4th masters-material.

* I had never had an official LMC senior staff mentee before! I’m super lucky to call Anna Mills my mentee for LMC 2014!!

* I had never heard Kurtis Blow’s “The Breaks” before.

* I had never met a few of dad’s college buddies and actually got to hear some stories from that chapter of his life. He was a wild man, so he usually refuses to tell us anything that happened during those years.

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3 Responses to I got a professionally done hair style!

  1. Amanda Johnson says:

    Totally read that as “I’ve never had an LMC MANATEE before” I was excited that we were getting sea cows!


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