I watched an episode of Spongebob Squarepants!

This one has been on “my list” for a while now. Between some staff members at camp, my kindergartners from my last internship, and my raging case of ADD, Spongebob Squarepants seemed like he would be my best friend.

I watched this episode, which I think is the most recent one?:

It was…..kinda-sorta-slightly terrifying! Spongebob lost his job, and fell into a pretty major depression that featured a soap-scummy beard, blood shot eyes, and a trial-by-fire “funemployment” with Patrick. His eyeballs were taken out of his head, he was severed into multiple parts more than once during the episode, and he was forced into slave labor.

I can see how one of my favorite kindergartners, Lucas, would LOVE him! The show was pretty scattered and silly, full of funny noises and sights. Unfortunately, I think my pre-frontal cortex used its experiential learnings to put too much adult reason into the show. Dangit!!!! Maybe a few more episodes would do me good…

Other notable firsts:

* I had never tried a peanut butter and chocolate beer. Delicious!


* I had never been given a gift of pre-jarred cookie dough mix. Christine gave me a mason jar full of cookie-making powder. I made them on New Year’s Eve with Emily in Philly and they were DELICIOUS!!!


* I had never eaten Moroccan food! I met up with Kathy and Kayla during my stay in Philly and was treated to a delicious 6-course meal! They made a vegetarian version of all of the courses for me. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! (I had never actually gotten to see any of the Walshes in Philly!)

with kayla

* I had never eaten at Amis before. Again….delicious!

* I had never visited the Betsy Ross house! My inner history nerd always comes out in full force when I visit Philly. I decided to check out this site while Emily was at work on Thursday. My favorite part was being startled by an actress portraying Betsy Ross in the downstairs parlor where she actually sewed most of her goods. I told her “You scared the CRAP out of me,” not realizing that she was in full character. She replied, perfectly in character, with “How is thyself today?” I laughed my butt off afterwards. I found out a lot of great info through her. I also laughed at one of the exhibits in the house, where you could choose whether or not to pay attention to Betsy’s instructions. Luckily, I would have made Betsy happy, as I always chose the right choices!

Picture 6

* I had never celebrated Kristen’s birthday NOT on her birthday!

* I had never worn a Kevin-Veil-original 30th birthday t-shirt. I feel like I might ask him to commission one for my 30th! Hahaha

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