I ate a whole, raw jalapeno!

Do I like spicy food? Ehhhhhhhh, sometimes. I prefer the horseradish-y kind of heat, like wasabi, where it knocks your lights about for roughly 8 seconds and then makes a clean getaway – no residual heat left over. The slow-burning types of heat found in caribbean, thai, or korean food linger a bit too long for my liking, so i normally ask for the lower-heated versions of those foods when I go out for them.

My dad was showing me a video of this dude eating the hottest pepper on the planet, Trinidad’s “scorpion morouga.” He looked like he was in TERRIBLE pain, and I remember thinking “Awwww, HELL NO!”

But I DID realize that I had never eaten a whole, raw jalapeno before. So I bucked myself up and ate one on Thursday night.


Dante recorded the video for me, and it hurt pretty badly haha. My first few bites eating it tasted like regular green bell pepper, and I remember thinking “Oh no! Did I grab the wrong type of pepper?!!” But then the heat began and…well…that was fun! Luckily we had poured me a glass of milk just in case it got too hot.

It wasn’t terrible, but I probably won’t be doing that again anytime soon!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never seen my name on a greeting card before! Greeeeeeat:


* I had never had a poem written for me 🙂

* I had never loaned out my Golden Girls season series to anyone before! Anne, I suppose this means I trust you with my life. Hahaha

* I had never had a stomach flu BEFORE new years…I had a few years ago AFTER new years. I suppose I like this better. And it only lasted 24 hours!

* I had never found a copy of Frank McCourt’s 3rd book, “Teacher Man.” It includes a bunch of tales of him being an English teacher in NYC for over 30 years. I am stooooked to read this!

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