I made a naked egg!

Have you ever heard of this before?! Apparently a lot of people have, but not me! A lot of elementary teachers use this as a way to show osmosis in science classes.

First, I took a standard egg and soaked it in regular white vinegar for 48 hours:


The vinegar dissolves the shell, but leaves the membrane intact…a naked egg!


You can blow it up by keeping it in water (some of the water will pass through the membrane), dye it different colors (the food coloring will pass through, too), or starve/shrink it in corn syrup. I only had enough days to get the shell off and soak it in water. I forgot to ask a friend to bring the left over food coloring from the silly putty.

But the real question remained…would the egg bounce?!!! (All the sites said it would!)

Holy Crapskies!!!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never finished an M.S. before! Third (and, good GOD, hopefully last) masters completed!

* I had never met Tessa’s boyfriend, Josh before! He was super nice and we have wood-carving in common hahaha. We ate at Zhang’s in Old Saybrook, which I had also never visited before.

* I had never visited the old mill museum in Willimantic before. It was interesting and full of old things. I tried to keep my need to touch everything under wraps. I didn’t want to scare the fourth graders.

* I had never tried an Alabama Slammer before. I was able to drive down to New Haven with the rest of my cohort on Wednesday. Most got out early, so we had a rollicking good time at the Roadhouse Cafe. I will never drink this drink again. Waaaay too sugary!!


* I had never seen the man who created the songs that we use in the multi-handicapped room at my internship. I couldn’t stop giggling.

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