I tried to yodel!

Lots of cultures have some genre of their music that includes yodeling – Hawaiian, Appalachia, South American…

I’m not sure where I got the idea to try this, as I suppose I don’t understand where most of the ideas in my brain come from. But when the idea popped up, I figured I’d have to try!!!

I found two youtube videos that would help. The first explains why Scooby Doo should be considered a yodel-er, and the second was a bit more helpful in her breakdown.

I decided to try the little tag that she teaches starting about a minute in. It took about an hour to get to the end result that you see in my video below. To get to that end result, you’ll see me trying to get the break in my voice, writing down the danged sounds that I kept forgetting in order, messing up a billion times (and giggling profusely because I kept cracking myself up!), and finally getting a little better.

In the end, I think that I was still singing more than yodeling, like what the dude in the first instructional video was saying NOT to do. MEH!!!!

Maybe with more practice I could be as good as this girl:

(……but probs not.)

Other notable firsts:

* I had never watched the show Duck Dynasty before. Seriously HILARIOUS!!!! I watched the episode where the dad and mom of the boys renewed their vows after 48 years of marriage. They were adorable and had a relationship that I’d love to have one day. They annoyed the crap out of one another but were absolute best friends. Also, how the heck did all of those guys get such hot wives??!!!

* I had never gotten a student teaching placement! Hooray!! Now I am absolutely terrified about what the whole world of student teaching will bring! Like, bat-crap bonkers panic attacked out! But I keep reminding myself that every single thing that I have done that I’ve been terrified of in my past has made a huge impact on my life and that I don’t regret doing them at all. So, yeah…there’s that.

* I had never diced mushrooms before. Normally I slice them, but the green bean casserole that I made on Thanksgiving called for dicing them. It took waaaaay longer than it should have. Worst prep chef everrrrrrrr.

* I had never worn leggings under a long top before. Normally I wear jeans or black pants under this one long shirt that I have, but I decided to try leggings on Thanksgiving. They were really comfortable! But I felt lumpy. Normal? Meh.

* I had never made a roux from scratch before, like no recipe. Normally when I make a roux, I take the amount of flour to put in from a recipe so that I don’t have to worry about over-flouring the pan. To make the gravy this year, I had no recipe, just a general understanding on how making gravy works. The other problem? I wouldn’t be able to taste it before serving it because it was made from the turkey drippings. Mom said it tasted great. Dad said it was a bit too flour-y. Not bad….I’ll take it.


* I had never had to break into my house with a ladder. I swear that I didn’t lock our doorknob before I left the house on Friday, but Dad didn’t believe me. We first tried to break in through Kiernan’s window (yes I climbed THAT LADDER!!! SCARYYYY!!!!) but his window was locked! So finally we put it up to my window and Dante ended up climbing the ladder and jumped through my window and unlocked the door. Good times had by all!


* I had never seen any episodes of season 3 of “New Girl.” I got my first comparison to Zooey Deschanel’s character on the show, Jess, at my internship this past Tuesday. I don’t think it’s ever taken coworkers this long to draw the comparison!! One of the episodes that I caught up on showed a scene that they legit stole from my life. I was able to find the scene on YouTube. I have 100% absolutely acted this way before:

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