I made homemade silly putty!

I think the elementary internship is really starting to affect me! I’m reverting back to my childhood of bouncy things and farting noises!!!

I found this website that details 5 ways on how to make homemade silly putty:


I didn’t want to use borax, as I’ve heard that’s not great for humans. Even the name of it suggests the sprouting of two heads! I decided to go with the glue and liquid starch idea, since it could both mold AND bounce like the real stuff.


The recipe calls for 2 parts glue for 1 part starch. I measured out these ingredients, but I should have started with a little bit less glue so that I could add more. I also wish I had added the starch to the bowl first instead of the glue, and I probably should have started stirring right away instead of letting it sit for a moment while I opened the food coloring.


In the end, it turns out that this recipe needs warm hands! The piece that I worked on for a while never quite got to real silly putty status until I handed it over to Dante, who has notoriously warm hands (mine are usually blocks of ice). Mine just looked like weird green alien intestines.


After he worked his magic, it was pretty cool! It bounced and made farting noises like the original stuff! We didn’t check to see if it picked up newspaper print, but I’m willing to bet it does!

A word to the wise…my hands still have a slightish green tint to them today, almost 24 hours after the fact. Don’t do this if you have somewhere important to be!!! I hope this washes off before school tomorrow….


Other notable firsts:
* I had never seen the movie “Sugarland.” It was Stephen Spielberg’s first film and starred a super young Goldie Hawn. The ending was a head scratcher.

* I had never spent a day at Fitch High School. My friend from college is the new(ish) band director up there, and my principal allowed me to spend a day up there to see the program and get a feel for it. It 100% confirmed my want and desire to teach at the high school level. Andrew and his other music teacher, John, are really great at what they do and it was one of my favorite days of my internship so far. It was also awesome to reminisce about college hahaha

* I had never solved a Sunday cryptogram!

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