I went to Newport, RI!

Dante’s birthday is tomorrow, so we decided to celebrate it yesterday by going to Newport. I had heard lots of fun things about it, and Heather found a fun brewery that we could visit while we were there.


We surprised Dante by not telling him where we were going, or that one of his best friends, Torri, was going to show up! Heather was in charge of figuring out our itinerary in Newport while I worked on inviting random friends that would surprise him. In the end, Dante, Heather, Christine, and I (from our cohort) drove up, and Torri and his girlfriend Margaret met us up there.

I think the cliff walk was my favorite part. We got to pass a few hilarious signs, some amazing houses, really cool trees (that I was terrible at both climbing and getting out of…tree etiquette may be my 4th masters degree?), and walk around a beautiful cove.

group newport


tree newport

We couldn’t afford to go through the mansions but they were AMAZING to drive past and give me lots of reasons to come back in the future (I love touching old things!!! hahaha)

Other notable firsts:

* I had never eaten at Norwich Inn & Spa. I got a gift certificate there for my birthday and cashed it in this week. I had a delicious sandwich and also got to try a wheatberry salad, which I had also never heard of. I thought it would be greens with berries in it, but it was actually some type of grain instead! Interesting.


* I had never been to Five Guys! No, they don’t have veggie burgers, but they do have a veggie sandwich which is greasy and delicious. I also tried their cajun fries (uh-mazing), and their drink machine, which offers a billion and one different drinks and their combinations. So I tried a raspberry diet coke. I came out feeling happily disgusting hahaha.


* I had never shown people in my cohort how I can make my chin disappear. Kevin made a great effort to try as well. This will definitely be UNH’s new recruitment poster. For sure.

kevin me

* I had never gotten an e-mail from someone who read my blog and wanted to contact me about it! Ian e-mailed me to tell me that he writes for a blog, and he wrote an entry this week about learning new skills while vacationing/traveling in the U.S. It actually sounds really cool and whenever I have money next, I’d love to look more into this. Maybe one of you would like to check these out!


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