I visited Salem, MA!

I’ve read a lot of historical fiction novels on the Salem witch trials, and have always been intrigued by the town and its history. But I’ve never been able to make it up to the town to actually scope it out! To mark Heather’s birthday, she, Dante, and I all went up for a day trip yesterday. It was a blast!

We took a tour through the wax museum, which introduced us to all of the main characters in the witch trial.


This photo was also AMAZINGLY photo bombed by the two girls in it. I had NO clue what they were doing until I looked at it. Luckily they were watching me check it out, and we all had an awesome laugh over it right after.

There were two haunted houses, where you walk through and then people jump out and scare you. I HATE THOSE THINGS!!!!! I walked through the first one sandwiched between Dante and Heather, and after walking through it terrified with my eyes closed for half of it, refused to go into the second one. I took a nice stroll around the block instead!

We walked through the cemetary where prominent people from the town’s past were buried (including the judge who ran the trials). We got to experience what a jail cell would have been like for an accused witch:


We also got to pass REALLY old houses and touch them! Including this gem that was old and creaky and totally abandoned.


It was a blast and I’m super happy that I finally got to see the town! It kind of stinks about its history, because the town is a quaint port New England town that probably would have been known only for its shipping history, but because a few dumb girls decided to cause a scare, the town instead draws people for that bad part of its history. Also, Halloween weekend is ridiculously overcrowded with tourists. I commiserated with a few locals, since downtown Niantic tends to get ridiculously over-populated in the summer. One girl who worked at the wax museum said October was the worst of everything, and then it went down to being a totally normal quaint village the other 11 months of the year. There were a TON of people! But it was a great day anyways!


Other notable firsts:

* I had never went back to visit an old internship school. I stopped by the middle school that I interned at last year and handed out high fives to the kids as they were leaving school to get on the busses. They all remembered me! So many asked me where I was and when I was coming back. I got to see my mentor teacher and a few others and hang out with the secretaries. I miss them all very much!

* I had never had a pumpkin coffee before. With my newfound love of coffee, I decided to try a pumpkin from DD. It was delicious!

* I had never had a crazy car diagnosis before. $1000 to fix it the emissions system. Uhhhhhhh…..yeaaaahhhhhhh….

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