I made a souffle! (and spent 4 1/2 hours at Hooters)

What a busy week I’ve had trying and doing new things!

The main event that I had been gearing up for all week was to make a cheese souffle. I had heard horror stories my entire life about how hard and fickle they are. If you sneeze, it falls; if you open the oven door, it falls; if you look at it, it falls. Well I wanted to see what it was all about!

First step is to make a basic bechamel sauce and add in the spices. While this is going on, you beat the crap out of some egg whites to get them full of air.


Then you fold the two into one another and put it into a breadcrumb crusted souffle dish.


Then you whop it in the oven and bake it! It should rise because of all the air beaten into the egg whites. Mine turned out pretty good! Next time I will cook it in a bain-marie to help cook it a bit more evenly.

Picture 12

Other notable firsts:

* I had never seen a praying mantis hanging out on our window!


* I had never taken the PLT. I constantly forget what this acronym stands for, but it’s some kind of test I need to pass to show I might be an OK teacher. Guh. We’ll see how I do in a few weeks! Fingers and toes crossed, please and thank you!

* I had never eaten the “Band Camp Burrito Bowl” at Moes before. Heather, Dante, and I all celebrated our completion of the PLT with a pit stop at Moes and a few margaritas after. Everything was delicious!


* I had never seen a shoe tied in this way. Fascinating.


* I had never become friends with the Dalai Lama on facebook. My boy….D Lams!!!

* I had never been to Flanders Bagel before. Delicious bagels and amazing cream cheese.

* I had never known there was a hookah bar in West Hartford!

* I had never caught a piece of food flipped at my face in a hibachi restaurant on the first try! Hooray!

* I had never used a sledge hammer!!! Remember the 3-legged chair from my photo shoot? It needed to go in the trash, so I decided to make it fit a little better:


* I had never realized just how absolutely terrible every single one of my brothers’ IDs are. Worst picture-taker, everrrr:


* I had never worn heels and a sweatshirt. To go grocery shopping. After spending 4 1/2 hours in Hooters.


By accident, I left my regular shoes at Nathan’s, so I only had my heels to wear from Saturday night’s shenanigans. While waiting for Andy to recover from a pretty amazing hangover, I decided to visit Kiernan at hooters. Sarah and her replacement (crapskies I forgot her name!) were sweet and took great care of me at the bar. I watched a few hours of football! (While wearing heels. To Hooters. hahahahahaha) Then Andy and I proceeded to buy a few remaining ingredients for the souffle at stop and shop. (While wearing a sweatshirt. and heels. hahahahahaha)

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