I drank a double espresso!

I NEVER drink caffeinated beverages. For those of you that don’t know me, to say that I’m “naturally caffeinated” would be the most polite way of saying that I’m usually bat-crap crazy bouncing off the walls. And when I’m happy (which is most of the time), I could probably burst the roof off of a small house.

The last time that I drank coffee was five years ago. It was my last day of work before moving to Hawaii. As a thoughtful gesture, my manager brought in donuts and coffee. He told me that he remembered that I didn’t drink regular coffee, so he had picked me up a decaf. I thanked him,  started drinking, and began to put books away. Within 20 minutes, I was literally rolling on the ground, throwing books into their respective cubbies, and singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs. I had consumed approximately half of a small coffee.

Needless to say, my manager apologized, said he knew it had caffeine in it but wanted to see my reaction, and promptly let me go home early.

So on Friday night, Heather, Dante, and I all made the trip to Dunkin Donuts to see what would happen when I consumed a double dose of concentrated caffeine. I ordered a medium iced coffee with two turbo shots.


We all waited anxiously for the explosion that was sure to happen. Would I fly through my parent’s roof? Would I shatter windows with my ridiculous energy vibes? Would I swim across Niantic Bay and scale Millstone?

Uh, no. None of the above.

Nothing happened.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!!!!! Seriously! Nothing happened! A few muscle twitches here and there, but other than that, I was able to complete my Case Study Analysis for a class that I’m taking with no glitches.

I am proud to report that I can now consume caffeinated beverages with no adverse side effects or disastrous results or killing small animals!

I celebrated by saying “yes” when I was asked if I’d like coffee with my dessert at Heather’s family’s birthday celebration earlier today! First time ever!


So if you’d like to catch up over a cup of coffee, the answer is now “Yes!”

Other notable firsts:

* I had never met Tori’s girlfriend, Margaret. Or hung out with a sober Tori. Both are amazing people 🙂

* I had never studied for the PLT. This might be the last standardized test I ever have to take. Fingers crossed. I’ll take the test on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

* I had never met Heather’s extended family. They’re hilarious and awesome.

* I had never been observed at my new internship. I did OK. Phew.

* I had never lined up kindergartners after recess. Frazzling does not describe the experience adequately.

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2 Responses to I drank a double espresso!

  1. Helen says:

    My teammates and I refer to kindergarten wrangling as”herding cats.” Or “shoveling fleas.” On bad days, it’s “teaching pirhanas synchronized swimming”–but only on bad days…


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