I “buttercupped” another person! (Happy Birthday to me!)

A few months ago, I stumbled across a video of myself in goat form. Everyone, meet Buttermilk (if you haven’t already):


My cohort members agreed that this was an excellent animal representation of myself, and we’ve been talking about her ever since.

Even though her name is Buttermilk, somehow that got lost in translation and we’ve taken to calling her Buttercup. We laughed about her so much that it became a verb sometime in the last 9 months and sometimes I’d say I’m going to go “buttercup that bench!” or “buttercup that wall!”

At my birthday dinner last night, I was explaining this verbiage to Amy and Bill, and they asked me if I had ever buttercupped in a bar before. I then knew what my something new for the week would be!

I first buttercupped the wall, but then had a brilliant idea a few seconds later.

My poor brother:

The first attempt was terrible but I believe the second went better (although I probably came a little close to breaking my brother’s fourth rib.) Also, the song in the background is pretty appropriate, I believe! I also really enjoyed my best friend Kristen’s pep talk and direction-giving to Kiernan hahahaha.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never celebrated my birthday at The Spice Club for dinner! We even made it on to their facebook page!! We’re famous!! (of course I look like an idiot!) https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Spice-Club/412993558739878

* I had never tried Drunken Noodles. They were AMAAAAAZING!!!

* I had never lost my voice before!!! I’ve ALWAYS wanted it to happen! I don’t know why it started to go away last night, but it’s also still shaky today. It’s really cool! Except I kinda sound like a prepubescent 11 year old boy.

* I had never had a birthday dinner cooked by my best friend Chris!

* I had never played the “big bass drum” at the alumni marching band day. This is the drum that I played in marching band during undergrad, but I got to play one of the smaller basses at last year’s event. This year they gave me the big one back. Good lord was it heavy!!!

wearing drum

* I had never hung out in my parents’ “pod” while it was gently drizzling. It was beautiful and relaxing and amazing!

* I had never read something that shows just how silly (but engaging) horoscopes are. I found this article on one of my favorite sites: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2013/10/what-it-means-to-love-a-libra/ When I was reading it, I thought “YES! This is SO PERFECTLY ME!!!!” but as I critically thought more about it, I’m pretty sure any female would like a boy to love her like that. So I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter what your sign is and where the house of the rising sun was when you were born, because we all want something like this. I would be interested in hearing other girls’ (and i suppose boys’!) thoughts on this matter.

* I had never spent a birthday in bed. I am WIPED. OUT. from celebrating crazily on Friday and Saturday! Thanks to EVERYONE who made it an amazing weekend!

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