I went to a drive-in movie theater!

Heather, Dante, and I all REALLY needed to blow off some steam and have a bit of fun this weekend. I had been wondering about going to see a movie at the Mansfield drive-in theater for a while now, and knew that it wouldn’t be open for the season much longer. I also remembered that it was like 10 minutes away from Nathan’s house, and I had promised him that whenever I went I would let him know. It just so happened that it was his 23rd birthday, so it was the perfect night to go!

We parked the car and all brought chairs and blankets/sweatshirts to chill outside and watch the movie.

drivein movie 1

We watched “The Family” first and “Meet the Millers” second. Both were hilarious and great and I recommend them.

I loved watching movies outside! It was SO NICE to feel the breeze move your hair and know that you were OUTSIDE while watching a movie. It was also cool to look around at the two other screens and see what was going on in the other movies. The Conjuring looked creepy as heck!!

I definitely hope to get back there soon….so much fun!!!!

(a great photobomb by Dante)
drivein movie 2

Other notable firsts:
* I had never made a concept album before! Artists normally make their own types of concept albums, like M. Ward’s “Transfiguration of Vincent,” but I decided to see if I could make a mixed CD filled with songs that all tell a story, whether its by their titles, moods, or lyrical content. I think it came out pretty cool!

* I had never gotten money out of a drive-up ATM from the back seat! Hilarious and silly.

* I had never gotten lost at Bluff Point. We took a new trail and, well, it took a while. But it was an awesome detour and totally worth it!

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