I played Dance Central 2!

When I dance, it is usually to let go of built-up ridiculous energy. The type of energy that could power a nation (or perhaps a small lighthouse). I don’t worry about looking good or trying to impress anyone. My dancing usually involves long, gawky limbs coming extremely close to poking someone’s eye(s) out. It involves funny faces, loud squawks, and usually some flapping arms. (Listen, I’m an Irish step dancer….I don’t know HOW to use my arms!!!!)

While hanging out at Dante’s house last night, he brought out a game called Dance Central 2. Two people have a dance off, and a camera records their moves, which the computer compares to what you should be doing against the figures that are on the screen. There are “free dances,” where competitors can bring their own fresh moves, but for the most part the dancers must follow the the models that are dancing on the game to earn their points The following two clips capture my brilliant moves to Chingy’s “Right Thurr.” If you only have time to watch one, definitely check out Part 2. The only real highlight from the first clip is my right arm almost getting taken off by the ceiling fan. There are many highlights in Part 2.

Make sure to watch Evie’s dance moves to see what they should actually look like. As you can tell, I lost. By a lot.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never gone to a “Family Day” for the Air Force before! I went along with my brother and hung out with a few of his friends on the Air Force base in Westover. I had lots of fun and everyone was very nice. It was also funny to hear his friends describe him, because it sounds how my friends usually describe me. Here’s a pic of him and I when he’s still in his uniform. He’ll probably kill me for posting this picture because he’s smirking hahaha.


* I had never tried Fernet Branca before. It’s an Italian digestif. It was very herb-y, but I liked it a lot!


* I had never played phone tag for 3 weeks!! Genna and I should be talking sometime tonight!

* I had never taken two online courses in one marking period. This BLOOOOWS.

* I had never met Will, my cousin Steve and his wife, Christine’s kid. He was super cute and happy!

* I had never been to a Black Point wedding! My best friend Chris got married to the love of his life, Kari on Friday night. It was a ridiculous night filled with LOTS of memory rehashing and laughter. I love them both so much and am sure they are having crazy fun on their Honeymoon in Mexico!!


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